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SB6120 Suddenly stopped working....not all lights coming on

Hello, I have a motorola SB6120 and comcast internet and have had no problems since i bought it 3 or so years ago. However, after a storm I am not able to connect to the internet and am trying to determine if it got fried. Everything else plugged into the powerstrip it was using is fine. I have unplugged everything, let it sit, reconnect. Comcast has tried to reset it remotely. All I get is a blue light for the send and receive and a purple light for the link. Any thoughts on the cause of the problem? Is my modem toast?


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shortstack00 See Profile, welcome to the site. I have moved your thread to the Comcast forum where there will be more people familiar with your modem and Comcast internet.

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Maybe, but first a couple of things:

If you have Comcast cable tv...is it working? In other words, is it your modem, or the line? Have you called Comcast support?

If it is not your line, then it is safe to say it is your modem. Have you tried completely resetting the SB61210 to factory specs (reset button)?

Modems certainly can be killed off by lightning, even when plugged into power-strips (most of them really offer minimal protection anyway), as well as there being the chance of a power surge through the cable line itself.

If so, I would recommend replacing it with the Zoom 5341J. Not that the Motorola is "bad", but the 5341J is a more modern 8x4 D3 modem, and costs no more (less in fact) than the SB6121.
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Unfortunately, as seen in the thread that Oedipus referenced (»Motorola SB6120 Bricked? ), and according to that guide to meanings of the LED indicators on the SB612X modems (»www.motorola.com/staticfiles/Vid···uide.pdf), if the Power LED is not lighting along with the other ones, it does look like your modem is failing the Power-On-Self-Test and has experienced a hardware failure of some kind.

Your description of what is happening with your SB6120 appears to match the one provided by the OP in that other thread - "the link light is actually Purple (was originally blue...) and the send and receive lights are solid blue. ... It takes no time in order for the lights to become solid. Just as soon as its plugged in the lights all become solid. Also the weird thing is that the Power LED does not come on.")

Edit: I just noticed that, in that other thread, the OP later posted that he "... decided, after having it unplugged nearly all weekend, to try it out again. Sure enough it works! Pretty odd really...", so that problem may have been due to an overheating issue, and that is why the Power-On-Self-Test may have failed after power-cycling right away, without letting it cool for a while.

You may want to try that and see if that could also be the case with your SB6120, then.