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Los Gatos, CA

SB5101 & Silicon Dust HDHomeRun Prime don't get along

I've got a Silicon Dust Prime cable card tuner that is mighty unhappy when my SB5101 is active. The lower physical channels (say 35 and below) have noticeable interference; you can watch the signal & symbol quality bounce up and down on the SD HDHomeRun configuration software. Unplug the SB5101's power or even disconnect the Ethernet cable from the router and the interference immediately stops. I've tried two different routers (a Trendnet and a TP-Link w/Gargoyle) thinking they might be the cause since they have WiFi, but the behavior is the same (all these devices live in the same room in the house). I've tried turning off their radios too, but the Prime is still unhappy.

BTW I have talked to Silicon Dust about this and they say that the Prime is very sensitive to RFI.

It's taken me a while to figure out that was the internet connection hardware. The SB5101 and the Prime live off the same splitter. I've tried putting 54 MHz block filters on the line to the Prime thinking it was low frequency stuff but it hasn't helped. Even tried a tilt compensator too. So far nothing has worked. I have them apart about by about 5 feet, which would think would be distance enough. I'll see if I can put them in separate rooms altogether, but that would require pulling some cable.

I already have a SB6141 on order as it was time for an upgrade anyway and I'm hoping it might make a difference.

If anyone has any other thoughts I'll take them!