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Escondido, CA

Very strange connection problem

2Wire 2701HG-B software is working just fine. It's connected to a slow AT&T DSL line, but it is what it it. I've connected my laptop to its' wireless with no problem, and several devices can get on the Internet just fine.

Now, I have a TrendNet TEW-650AP firmware 21-Jul-2010 set up as an AP Client. It worked perfectly with my FIOS back in VA. Here, the AP is connecting to the wireless, and I can ping it and access its' management interface via wireless. My PC, when connected to the AP, is being very strange! When it's configured with a static IP, I can ping the 2Wire internal interface, but cannot get past it. The default gateway is set correctly on the PC. If I configure it to use DHCP, it gets an address, but cannot ping the 2Wire. ipconfig /renew doesn't work, either, but I do still have an IP address.

I also noticed that the Home Network on the 2Wire shows the MAC of the TrendNet associated with the IP assigned to the PC. Then there's an inactive item with the name of my PC, it's MAC address, but no IP. And of course no way to flush entries out. Rebooting the 2Wire does not reset that, and I cannot find any way to tell it to flush out particular entries and try again.

Go to the MDC; this page in particular (Resets) » ··· PAGE=J21

The top one "Clear Local Network" will reset your device list.