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Saint Louis, MO
·AT&T Southwest
reply to DarkSithPro

Re: Could Linux take off thanks to Windows 8?

said by DarkSithPro:

I certainly would switch to Linux only if it has all the AAA games.

So many people's sole reason for owning a computer is to play games. They should just get a XBox and stay off the 'net.
In the 21 years or so since its inception, Linux has gained some amazing enthusiast street cred, but failed time and again to enter the mainstream. This year, however, may afford it an opportunity it’s never had before: To gain the momentum necessary to join the big boys in the operating system world.

And uninformed comments like this will abound if Windows users did switch to some Linux distribution. Windows users think there is nothing beyond Windows while we sit here sending messages back and forth over a mostly Linux internet through our Linux based router after watching TV on our Linux based DVR all created by scientists using Linux based computers. And this guy thinks Linux needs "street cred" from Windows users?!

An aside: I used the term Linux because this poster has probably never heard of them but, as most here know, I include Unix/BSD in the mix. I, for one, am glad I'm a FreeBSD user and hopefully will never get involved in this.