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Re: Could Linux take off thanks to Windows 8?

A couple of comments:

1. With Windows 8, Microsoft seems to be behaving as if the traditional desktop PC market is already saturated, and thus they're paying attention to tablet and mobile uses. If MS is correct there, there's little slack for Linux to pick up: the last major holdout of desktoip users, the office, is not about to switch from Win7 (or XP) to Linux. (There are of course computing aficionados, but Win8 isn't likely to change their minds one way or another, at least not in quantity. I for one will likely sit out Win8 unless I happen to buy a new computer, but that does not mean I'll change to Linux).

2. Be careful what you wish for. Do you really want hordes of the clueless using your OS and making demands? I think NT started to go downhill after the DOS/Windows crowd were moved onto it, and the OS started to become a home/entertainment OS.

3. No comment from me on games as driver for migration: don't know, don't care about them.