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Dunga Bee
Put A Little Butter On It

reply to DrModem

Re: [game] Thuggee


At the moment I am not sure enough to throw a vote on anyone other than a retaliation vote on Meng which seems silly right now, even though he did try to paint me as the L-1 vote on Kris and generally seems to have it in for me.

It seems like providing reasons for your vote is suspicious behavior nowadays. I've been carefully reading posts and seeing what others thought and joining in when I felt that the info (albeit little) was enough to warrant a vote.

I believe Block to be town. Ekster I am not sure about because with him on vacation and not as chatty as I have seen him in the past, I can't get a read. Others not participating as much seems fishy because they have no excuse (that we know about). I'd like to hear from others (lurkers and actives) before saying much more. What I do know is we can't afford to be wrong much more or we'll all be dead.