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Edmonton, AB
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Re: [ALL] Ask ShawSean

BROADBAND 50 or higher NO LONGER INCLUDES PERSONAL TV, so is my Broadband 50 +Personal TV for $89.90 now a grandfathered package? Thats what it seems like on the website.... If I get bumped up with the bump up program will I get bumped out of this grandfathered plan? Personally, the website has a $15 difference now between my current plan and the new combo of broadband 50 plan and personal TV package..........?

And having to pay for a modem to own that goes obsolete is just ridiculous when it used to be included in the plan and we can get much better and cheaper wifi routers for around that price. Quite frankly the modem's wifi router is archaic in features and abilities in this day and age, and NOW we have GIGABIT Wifi 802.11ac routers coming out in this last half of the year, is Shaw going to upgrade their modem hardware to new modems with Gigabit wifi? I know the company needs to make money, but this is getting a bit silly with the changes.

P.S. Still not happy with the abilities of the gateway hardware and its software ui configuration. And when do I GET the 5 mb upload promised with the digital switchover in phase 2?

Happiness with Shaw: 1-10 is a 5
Happiness with its customer service: 8
Happiness with you is: 10
This is a sub-selection from [ALL] Ask a Shaw Rep