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BEWARE: AOL Email Program Is High Security Risk To You

I had an email program with AOL for quite some time. Just recently I transferred funds from my brokerage account to paypal. When I logged in to my paypal account I noticed that an unauthorized payment was made. I reported it and reset my paypal password, but when I logged into my AOL email program my password for that didn't work. So I went through AOL's process of verification only to not answer my security question correctly. Of course someone had not only changed my email password but also changed the answer to my security question. I called paypal and they tell me that I must verify to them that I am the owner of the AOL email program in order for them to believe that I am who I say I am. So i call AOL and they ask me to give them the answer to that one security question, and since it was changed by a hacker AOL states that there is nothing further they can do. Isn't that something? I have tons of information contained in folders and I lose it all? AOL doesn't care! Not only that but now I can't even prove to Paypal that I am the rightful owner not only of the my email program but my paypal account. ALL BECAUSE OF THE AOL EMAIL PROGRAM! You are at high risk in losing all your data as well if you remain with AOL. They simply cannot safeguard your personal information and their dimwitted security features will work against you, not for you. AOL will turn everything around on you and make you look like the villain. Oh and you will be inconvenienced, you will have to wait at least 30 minutes just to talk to an AOL rep. I am thru with AOL effective immediately.