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Sr Tech
New Britain, CT
reply to bitstopjoe

Re: Help I am confused

said by bitstopjoe:

Your Caller ID is working just fine. All MJ shows are the phone numbers, NOT the name...
You need a 3rd party program for you to get the name ( MagicFeatures). BUT you need to have the MJ plugged into the USB port of the PC for it to work. Of course you could have the name and number in your phones directory so when you get a call, and it is listed in your directory, you will also get the name assoicated with the number. Every time you get a call form someone who is not in your phones directory, just add it and the next time they call, you will get the name and number. At least that is how it works with my DECT 6.0 Uniden cordless.

Thanks for the information. Just that on their website it states caller ID, and to me that always meant the name will be displayed. For now I can live with it, and yes I agree as I add entries to the address book it will display it would just be nice to know who is calling me for someone I do not have a number for.


Mississauga, ON

You have to do little research. The Panasonic KX series cordless phones work with MJ+ very well. I get caller ID with the names. We use MJ+ as main line in the house and have no problem. We all have cell phones as well so there are enough phones to go around.