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Sewell, NJ

[Verizon] Call/Text Forwarding

Hi Everyone,

So this might be a little confusing, but I just got a second phone from work. I've had a main number for a long time now that family/friends use.

What I would like to do when a family/friend still calls my main number, I would like all of my phones to ring and have txt messages go to all phones. Both phones are through verizon.

I have a google voice number setup and I told verizon to forward calls from my main number to my google voice number, however when I call my main number verizon only rings my other number, not both.

Is this possible what I'm looking to do? Does anyone know of a service that is out there that would allow me to use my original phone number to route all calls/txts to both of my phones? Both phones are verizon. (iPhone 4 and Galaxy SIII)


Lanett, AL

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This is likely a difficult task. Do you want to keep both numbers but only keep one phone on you? I can't think of any other reason why you would want calls to go to both phones.

You can do it with Google Voice (the phone portion anyway) but not the way you've set it up. It sounds like you have Cell1 forwarding to GV and GV forwarding to Cell1 and Cell2 with only Cell2 ringing? If so that's because of the nice little loop in there. You would need to port Cell1's number to GV and have it ring both with a new number on Cell1 or just use Cell2.

This of course doesn't help the text portion of your request and frankly I'm not sure how to do that. I know there are 3rd party text services out there for sending/receiving texts but I don't think they can be used like you want. Even if they do, they would run into a loop issue like you have now with GV.

I wonder, if you text a GV number, will it route it to Gtalk? I know you can send/receive texts on Gtalk using a special phone number. If you ported Cell1's number to GV and it routes texts to Gtalk, just use gtalk on the Galaxy SIII (assuming that one is Cell2?). If there is a Gtalk app for iOS then that could work no matter which phone is used.

Either way, you will need to port the original number over to Google Voice as I see no other way of doing it. I can likely test the GV to Gtalk text scenario as I have a GV number forwarding to my cell. If it works that would be your ideal solution.

Edit: OK it worked. A text from my cell to my GV number got routed back to my phone through GV as both a regular text message AND as a GV text message (LG Ally with logged-in GV app). So it looks like GV will forward texts just fine as well as giving you the option of receiving them inside the GV app on Android (which means this solution will work whether the android or iOS phone is the one you want to keep).

Edit2: It also gets recorded in your GV history, same place where voicemails are transcribed. This can be a good or bad thing but will be a personal decision honestly.