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Why not now?
Pittsburgh, PA
reply to El Quintron

Re: Could Linux take off thanks to Windows 8?

said by El Quintron:

said by me1212:

I think its gonna better than it was with vista. Speaking as someone who bought a computer with vista right after it was released, as bad as it was at least it still had the normal gui I could operate.

Vista before SP2 was nearly unuseable, it was so laggy it made my head spin, and I was running it on a Q6700 with 8GBs of RAM...

I haven't used Win8 (and don't intend on moving beyond Win7 for the forseeable future) but if Win8 has a foreign feeling GUI, and lag, Desktop Linux is going to have a once in a lifetime opportunity to make some big waves.

It is very similar to Unity and Gnome 3 (start screen), with more up-front social connectivity and very efficient mouse-keyboard usage to move around in the OS. Lag is nonexistent in both beta versions on a computer that is minimum spec for Windows 7. DirectX 11.1 will further enhance acceleration and "snappiness".

The OS itself, in a vacuum, is not a disaster. IMO, there are a few things happening:

1. It is the "every other OS" step to be hated. Some are jumping the band wagon before release for "cred".
2. Microsoft Store eliminated a non-pay release on ARM, hope was there to reduce cost on this small form factor OS (Google/Apple).
3. Integration into Metro to include the cost/time to perform it was ignored due to "classic desktop HAS to be included, right?" ignorance.
4. OpenGL sure does cost less than DirectX...

Ideologues pray for 4 being the reason. I happen to think populist supporting people, such as Gabe, are more focused on number 1. But, so what? Get those OpenGL optimizations/fixes upstream and foster Linux to be an acceptable gaming alternative OS.
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