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Haverhill, MA
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Re: Tablet Reviews!

I've been playing with a Nexus 7 16gb for a few days now. I nave a new iPad, and while I really like it a lot, there are things about Apple in general that just doesn't sit well with me..... The iPad is a little to heavy to hold and for an extended period of time, and I'm not to keen on not being able to do any customizing to their tablet....Anyway, back to the Nexus.

First thing I noticed when I unboxed the Nexus was the build quality....This thing is very well put together, and has a very solid feel to it. The tablet is very fast, and while I have an older Android phone ( Samsung Galaxy Fascinate running Gingerbread) I found Jellybean to be sort of similar, but much smoother and fluid as compared to Gingerbread, so my learning curve was really small.

The tablet runs games as well as a gaming console and graphics are amazing, not that I'm much of a gamer. Switching and loading apps is very fast.....this baby really hums along!

If there is ONE thing that I am not to happy with the Nexus 7,
is the volume on this tab. Using headphones is not a problem, as there is plenty of volume, but the speakers are very weak, and one of my biggest gripes about the IPad that I have is the volume on it as well. The iPad is actually a little louder, and I was sort of surprised at that......anyway, the Nexus 7 is absolutely the best 7 inch tablet out there.....It offers an amazing amount of power, for a minimal price!

K A R - 1 2 0 C
Key West, FL

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Since its built for Google by ASUS the makers of the very durable and nice Transformers, none of that surprise me at all.

My aging eyes prefer a 10" though

And since looking at the specs sorry to see they are so output limited vs the very robust Transformers... I am sure that is Google's doing not ASUS, keeping cost low while charging as much as possible.

Where as with the Transformers ASUS just wanted to get in the game fast(Against first APPLE and second Samsung...also now a Google partner) with the biggest BANG possible, and charging as little as possible.