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[Mobile] Use LTE Turbo Stick WITHOUT Mobile Connect tunneling da

When I got an LTE Data Stick The mobile connect client program bothered me when I was first using it.
Why do I have to run this stupid software on the desktop?
What does this client do with my data as I'm using my LTE connection?

Previous HSPA Devices allowed a "Dial-up" connection to a Modem Device that was installed using a number with no password but for some reason I could not get this to work with my LTE Stick.

I discovered afterward the "Modem device" simply doesn't show up as a device in the device manager, even after you plug in the data stick and windows picks it up (the "bump-Bump" sound of new hardware)


If you launch the mobile connect client AFTER you plug in the device, then once the application has started (and you can see a white and blue bell window), the Modem Device then shows up in device manager (the software does something to enable it).

So if you want to use a standard dialup style connection with your LTE device Instead of the mobile connect client app all you need to do is start the app, then kill/close it. Now you will be able to create a dialup connection to the modem.

Steps to set-up connection.
-Insert LTE Stick
-Start the Moibile Connect Client Application.
-Kill the application once it's visible.
-Open Network Connections and create a new dial up connection to the modem.
-Select "Modem - Novatel Wireless Modem" in the list of modem (if presented if you have more then one modem)
-Enter *99# as the dial up number.
-Save it
-I also turn off the "prompt for name and password" option.

To Use this dialup connection
-Plug in LTE Stick
-Start mobile connect (wiat till visible)
-Kill mobile connect
-Use windows to connect your new dialup connection (can take anywhere from 4-15 seconds to fully connect)

What I have done to simplify this is to make a batch file with the following contents to start and kill mobile connect for me. At which point it is just a double click on the batch file and a click on my connection to use my stick.

Batch File Contents (the ping is just a 14 sec delay)...

cd C:\Program Files\Bell\Mobile Connect
start MobileConnect.exe
ping -n 14
taskKill /IM MobileConnect.exe /f