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reply to Truckinguy2

Re: Why can't Fairpoint provide steady service?

I thought I described it factually and quite well. They oversubscribe and do not, repeat, do not ALLOCATE ENOUGH BANDWIDTH to the CO of which you are connected too and cap your speeds at slower then advertised. I have had unFairpoint several times, with only one time being a choice or I thought it was my only choice (stupid one obviously.) Out of all the times I have had unFairpoint I HAVE NEVER received even close to the advertised "up to" bandwidth. The last package I went with was the Basic, which at the time was $59.99/Month (Non-Contractual) with speeds of "up to" 3000Kbps/768Kbps. They really emphasize the "up to" and honour it quite well by not supplying you with the advertised speed. I did however once, with my 3000Kbps/768Kbps blaze out a 2600Kbps/690Kbps, granted it was 4AM so that goes to show you that they definitely cap speeds at lower than advertised to start. This one gets me too. For the same exact price their tiers have changed for the slower.

DSL Starter went from: 768Kbps/128Kbps to 354Kbps/256Kbps $34.95/Month

DSL Basic went from: 3000Kbps/768Kbps to 3000Kbps/512Kbps $44.95/Month
Less speed for more money? Makes unFairpoint logic and to top it off you probably won't even get the advertised speed of Starter.

I really hate Fairpoint and wish they would disappear. I have no idea how they compete with Roadrunner, GWI, or 3G Mobile Broadband if it is available. What is funny is GWI actually leases its lines from Fairpoint so get this. For $49.95 you can recieve GWI's highest DSL Package which is 20000Kbps/1000Kbps. So for five more dollar you can get 7X the speed, which of course will be higher since Fairpoint never honours their speeds.

In Maine, the best option(s) is Roadrunner or GWI. I would take Roadrunner as I have never had a problem and usually get above or at least what the advertised speed is. Maybe I'm just lucky, however, I doubt it.

I was just looking on their website and it has offered a new option of DSL Premium. With a 12-month contract you can get ripped off for $61.99 or without a contract get more ripped off for $71.99. This service is 7.1Mbps/1Mbps which I doubt you would even see half of. May I remind you that I paid $44.95/Month (No Contract) for RR Turbo of which was always 26-35Mbps/2Mbps. Which would you chose again? Go out of business already unFairpoint.


A tech came here yesterday. He said there isn't any cap's or allowances.Also when I have two pc's on a line the speed get's cut in half. I guess I can't win. I wish they'd go away too.
How can I get Road Runner or any other service on the phone line? No cable lines here. I do get cell but I assume it's very expensive.

Milford, NH
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said by Truckinguy2 :

He said there isn't any cap's or allowances.

That is true - as far as I know FairPoint does impose any sort of monthly cap.

said by Truckinguy2 :

Also when I have two pc's on a line the speed get's cut in half. I guess I can't win.

Multiple PCs will only affect Internet performance if they are actually using the Internet. If only one machine is on at a time do you get good speedtest result?

It may be that one of the PCs on your LAN is doing a lot of network access in the background or it could be infected.

Bottom line when tech was on site was his computer getting rated speed? If so then something on your LAN is causing a problem. If tech was not able to obtain rated speed what did he/she say they were going to do to fix the problem?