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Re: Yes, I was hacked. Hard.

Oh shit! That hurts, BAD!

I've been nailed once for my own stupidity of putting my voip PBX on an internet facing network and forgot about it. Very similar stream of beginning "oddities" until it starts to make sense and to your horror you realize what's going on.

I kept getting international calls on my home phone (Which was the outgoing CID of my PBX). Most of which couldn't understand me, and seemed quite irate. This was really strange as it started one night out of the blue. No weirdness on my voip line or any other clues to something going on. It wasn't until the next day (And probably a dozen or so calls later) that I got an email from my SIP provider saying they want money NOW.

Turns out the bastards managed to drill my prepaid account into the negative by holding up so many simultaneous talk paths to crazy countries. The billing only counted once the calls were ended.

To make matters worse, my PBX actually recorded these Indian (At least that's the origin of one of the languages they were confirmed speaking) fuckers playing with my switch once they got control of it. You could hear them sitting in front of a blasting TV, drinking booze, and smoking up (Yes it was part of their conversation).

So needless to say the weird calls I was getting, were from the targeted callees who saw my CID and called me back wondering what the hell was going on. These guys would call, and play an automated "You've won a trip, please hold" B.S. and some music to hopefully pacify the callee for as long as possible.

All in all I had to pay a couple hundred $$ back to my SIP provider for the charges.

PUKES! I feel for ya man, I really do!