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Metairie, LA

[LA] Atten Cox Tech Support last chance to help before I switch!

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MBR & Main Cable
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MBR & Main alternate
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7th cable
I have had it with the poor service from COX but am willing to give you guys a chance to resolve my issue. If not resolved by 5 pm Sunday, I am cancelling both my TV (cable) and so called High Speed Internet. I will be going to Direct TV and as much as I hate it BellSouth DSL.
Problem: Lazy Installer refused to put a connector on the end on two cables to give me service. See photos.
I moved and today the installer was supposed to be at my new address between 10 am and noon. Around 10 am, I received a call advising he would be late due to weather. This was no initial problem, even though the weather was just clearing.
2:30 pm Installer arrives and says outside cables are cut and he can’t drill into the apartments exterior wall to install.
I advise that
1. As per COX’s request when I called on Wednesday for service, I have the authorization letter from the owner to allow Cox to drill, etc. to complete the install.
2. There is a cable already installed in the upstairs Master Bedroom (MBR)
3. Downstairs the exterior wall has the whole and he only needs to punch through the drywall to install. I even offered to do it.
His reply was that they needed a whole new line installed, since I also wanted another line on the other side of the building.
I advised that I could wait on that one, that he only needed to put a connector on the main line and the line entering into the MBR.
He said it was against policy and left as I was attempting to call into COX Office.
I spent the next couple hours being transferred and dropped.

The 7th cable goes to the end of the building and is also cut. As it is not being used for the apartment two doors over there is plenty cable that could be pulled back and used if my main is really unusable.

PS - The installer initially tried to push the cable from inside my MBR back outside but it got stuck in the wall. I was able to pull it back inside with not apparent problem.


Metairie, LA

Re: [LA] Atten Cox Tech Support last chance to help before I swi

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Cox Box 001
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Cox Box 002
There are seven cables at the COX box, four drop to other apartments, so I am assuming they are in use. Two are cut at the far end and are not being used. One I assume was going to my apartment (more on this later) and one as previously noted is going two apartments over.

The one that drops into my yard has plenty of cable to allow a connection to the MBR that would give me service until they could reschedule to do the job properly.

instead the tech ( I use that term loosely) took off as I was calling in.


Metairie, LA
I finally recieved a call back...
It was from Darryl, the "Installer" who in a very sarcastic tone said he was going to do "Exactly as I said I wanted" to get it working but it wasn't going to happen today.

I told him I wanted to speak to his supervisor and that I didn't want him on my property...he hung up.

Good By COX! Hello Direct TV and BellSouth DSL.

Yeah I know DSL is supposed to be slower, but since my speed only averaged 3mbs up/down, I doubt if I will see the difference.


Metairie, LA
reply to LouNawlins
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SIM close up
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How it was before Installer
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Why did he
They say a picture is worth a thousand words...

Using a three step ladder and two compression connectors, I am simulating how easy it would have been for the "Installer" to provide me with a temporary connection into the MBR.

Instead I am left to wonder why he tried to push the cable from inside the MBR back out to...?

Could it be I returned before he could cut it as I am now suspecting he did the other cable?

The reason I knew of the whole into the wall at the living room is there was a cable goining into the bricks but not exiting into the living room. It had connected to a shoddy, hanging install or tap that led to the upsatairs MBR and the main cable. What happened to the other cables????


Huntsville, AL
All of that cabling (except for right next to the gutter downspout) looks like a rat's nest. He may have been wanting to clean it up (and obviously get paid for new drops, outlets etc) to keep his supervisor or Cox's QC people from reprimanding him.


Kenner, LA
reply to LouNawlins
None of the pictures are showing up. And I'm surprised someone hasn't offered to fix this issue for you yet.


Yorktown, VA
Pictures show up fine here.


Baton Rouge, LA
reply to LouNawlins
Please PM your name and contact number and I will call you and assist with getting this resolved.

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reply to LouNawlins
said by LouNawlins:

They say a picture is worth a thousand words...

Using a three step ladder and two compression connectors, I am simulating how easy it would have been for the "Installer" to provide me with a temporary connection into the MBR.

Your pictures of how "easy" it is to temp the job make no difference. Most cable companies have stopped letting their installers do "temporary" connections like that as it causes all sorts of problems later. In fact, installers who do that will get written up and possibly fired for doing that.

ALL of those cut cables would've had to be rerun brand new from the wall plates to the demarc. Anybody you get from Cox will say the same. If they say otherwise, they're breaking rules and not doing the job right.

The "lazy" installer would've done the job the way you wanted with splices everywhere. Then you would be bitching about picture problems and how the install wasn't done right to begin with.

Tell DirecTV to splice those lines together during their install and you'll get a similar response.
If it's important, back it up... twice. Even 99.999% availability isn't enough sometimes.


Metairie, LA
When they did come out to make the final connections, it is virtually the same except they nailed the wires down. However as I told the installer that day and those on the phone that I cancelled my service and that they were doing it for nothing.

I have already cancelled my service with COX due to their inability to provide reasonable customer service and failure to provide a correct bill or valid information for charges.

It seems however from the bills they keep sending that they haven't a clue that I fired them, even though I spoke with them several times and even emailed them several times.

I don't know how they stay in business except that they have a monopoly on cable service in the area.


Metairie, LA
reply to LouNawlins
I am happy to say that I have not been a customer of COX since August 4th as COX never did send anyone to look at the damage their so called "Professional" Installer did to the newly renovated appartment.

At this time it looks as I will ultimately have to take them to court over that and their attempt to charge me long after I cancelled my service with them


Oceanside, CA
Sorry, but I fail to see Cox at fault here. They're not going to just do some quick "patch job", like a prior commenter said.

And you let them work on your place, even though your service was cancelled? Uhh, what? Why did you even let them proceed in the first place?

Also, when the original installer called to set up him coming back, you told him you didn't want him on your property? What?