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Flagstaff, AZ

SB5101U Can't connect, SB6121 can, Moto support says signals

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For the past couple days, my about 1 year-old Motorla SB5101U has been unable to connect to the Internet.

It's not plugged in right now, but here's the signals I remember:
Downstream SnR: ~38
Downstream Power Level: ~ -6 to -8

Upstream Power Level would never settle - channel and frequency would change, and power level would change as well.

I bought a new SB6121 today, called my ISP, got it set up, and it works beautifully. See its signals at the top of this post.

I called Motorola to see if there was any way I could get the SB5101U warranty replaced since something seemed wrong with it. The guy on the phone asked for the signals I told you guys. He said that because the upstream power kept changing, that there was just a problem with the upstream ranging and it was a signal issue. However, as you can see from the signals from the SB6121 above, the signals are nearly perfect. Was this guy just trying to avoid getting me a replacement, or is there some reason the older modem would be getting such worse signals than the newer one?

The Motorola guy said to wait until the ISP tech comes out (Monday afternoon) and see what he says about the signals. He also said that he wouldn't be surprised if this new modem gets poor signals soon and stops working, but that also sounds not true to me.

Cool Cat
Happy Valley
Your upstream at 37 dBmV is on the very low end. 35 dBmV is the suggested lowest limit. Your SB6121 may be more forgiving than your SB5101U if your upstream decides to slide even lower than 35 dBmV. You need to get your upstream in a preferable range between 40 - 45 dBmV.


Flagstaff, AZ
Well, the tech came out. He said the signals were great for my location....I'm hesitant to call Motorola back, but I'm also hesitant to just sell the modem if it may be broken.