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Damn Kidney Stones
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Roseman Rips Bell A New One

Ellen Roseman of the Toronto Star rips Bell (and President George Cope) a new one in her column today.

George, you have done a great job financially. BCE shareholders have earned almost 20 per cent a year on average in the past three years.

Now it’s time to work your magic on customer service. I’m talking about a real investment and not a quick fix.

“Incidents like this are unfortunate, but the positive is that we resolve them and use them as an opportunity to improve,” says spokesman Jason Laszlo.

Despite all the opportunities for improvement, I don’t see much progress.

George, let’s see your best Olympian effort. Let’s see you win a gold medal for service by the time the 2014 Games roll around.

Need-based health care not greed-based health care.
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et tu brute

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Re: Roseman Rips Bell A New One

Hasn't she been saying the same thing to Bell for 6 years now? Didn't Bell always say, "We have listened", or, "We have learned", or, "We have changed"?

Isn't it always the same day after day, month after month, year after year?

reply to DKS
DKS, Ellen Roseman has helped me out before. They called me and made offers but I declined only to have them on my bill for 5 months... I did however, make the usual payment on the services I have the rest - being contested - were not paid.

Ellen made the deal complete and all worked out for the better.

Either way, I am unfortunately tied to Shaw for tv and Bell for Telephone until i move back to my own place. lol.
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reply to et tu brute
@et tu brute -- yup, Bell's great at ignoring when their abysmal customer service is publicly mocked; hasn't CBC's Marketplace awarded Bell the "worst customer service" award at least twice in consecutive years? maybe even more... all I remember was the reporting pointing out that "no, you haven't done anything to improve things" and reminding one of Bell's lackies being interviewed that once again, they won the 'worst' award


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reply to DKS
OMG - Breaking News !!!

Bell is hiring someone as of today for wholesale assurance! :O

»jobs.workopolis.com/jobshome/db/ ··· =9654286

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"Lord giveth but he also taketh away"
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