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For the past few weeks my Verizon DSL has been slowing to a crawl. I have the 1M service, usually averaging from 89 kpbs to 95 kpbs. This past week the speed has been cut drastically and now averages between 11 and 26 kbps.

I just received the following ominous letter in the mail:



Dear Verizon Valued Customer:

There have been landline service issues in your area recently and we want to apologize if you have been inconvenienced. Network reliability and your experience as a Verizon customer are important, and that's why Verizon needs to transition your service to the most advanced technology available - fiber optics. The fiber network has many advantages over our existing facilities. For example, it is less susceptible to inclement weather.

There is absolutely no charge to make this transition - you keep the same voice service at the same rate. High speed internet customers will be provided improved services at comparable or better rates. One of our expert technicians will perform the transition and ensure that your services are all working properly.

Please give us a call at 1.877.502.2879 Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 9:00 pm to schedule an appointment that is convenient for you. The sooner you call, the sooner we can resolve any issues you may be experiencing. If you have already called to transition your service, please disregard this notice.

Thank you for continuing to be a loyal customer We value your business and look forward to continuing to serve you.

Tom M...
Senior Vice President - National Operations Support

PO Box 31315
Salt Lake City, UT 84131-0315


My DSL contract expires this month and I feel like they are trying to force me to switch over to FIOS. It says that I keep the same voice service at the same rate, but I would have to be a complete idiot to believe that I can get FIOS internet service at the same rate I have been paying for DSL. I know once you agree to cut the copper, there is no going back.

FIOS may very well be a better service all the way around, but the problem for me is that I am disabled, on a fixed income and I will never be able to afford a luxury service like FIOS until they offer some kind of provision for low income customers.

This letter makes it sound like they will not be able to "resolve any issues" with the service unless i switch to FIOS. Is it possible that they are deliberately throttling the connection in order to persuade me to order FIOS? Is that even legal for them to do something like that? Internet is pretty much a necessity these days for more reasons than I can go into... I have been perfectly happy with DSL all these years and don't need a massive jump in speed or other perks. All I need is basic reliable service, no more and no less.

So what happens to people like me when the only service that is available is out of reach because it is made so unaffordable? In this economy, I am sure I am not the only one facing this problem. Where can I find help?



Verizon is trying to muscle its way into getting new customers for its subpar services. If the slowing/lagging is a deliberate move by them, that is ILLEGAL and you can follow up with the FTC and BBB to complain.

I too have DSL in NY and has been experiencing their BS. However, my 2-yr. DSL service ends in November 2012. I have been having major issues with wireless network on my DSL with no resolution.

They said it will be better to upgrade to FIOS and I will have faster service. I am currently experiencing a Verizon DSL outage since 8/4/12. I am posting on my laptop throup my Android's hotspot app.

When November comes, I am planning on getting basic cable, phone, and internet. Verizon sucks for doing this to their DSL customers.

Why should I have to pay FIOS's $100/month when I hardly watch TV and browse the net anymore. I am disgusted by Verizon.

Warwick, RI
reply to dslbohica

dont want FiOS ???? Switch to DSL Extreme after your contract expires. For the spped tier you have now the first year may be as low as $14.95 plus a $2.88 line fee . The only issue is your voice service. DSL extreme does not offer voice service so if you really have to have voice over copper landline you are going to be stuck with verizon for voice. If you can use an alternative like VOIP (examples magic jack or vonage or the like) or an unlimited cell phone plan or even a cell phone plan with enough minutes to meet your needs you can drop verizon voice over copper (POTS) and just have dry loop DSL over the copper. Cable is another alternative but love to force "bundle deals" . A third alternative is if you have a WISP like clearwire that serves your area you can get 1.5M for $35 but theres a one time cost up front for the modem of $99. You may be able to get a refurb for less upfront.


Pacific Palisades, CA

DSLExtreme does not own its own landlines. The DSL you are buying from DSLX (in a VZ area) is Verizon DSL.

I believe that $14.95 monthly fee you list is for ATT areas, Verizon is higher.

Besides going by promotional one year pricing is BS. That is only to get you. One has to look at the long-term and ask any company what the rate will be after the first year is up.

Besides, rather than saying $14.95 plus a $2.88 line fee, why not be honest and call that $18 per month? (More than that after other fees are added.) And again, the VZ area price is higher, and that is only for the first year.

Let's be honest and call things for what they are. If you live in a Verizon-monopolized area and buy DSL from anyone, it is Verizon DSL. You certainly will not save any money buying from a 3rd party vendor like DSLX, in that they have to pay Verizon for it, and add more for themselves. (Well, perhaps one way to save. If VZ now requires a landline to get DSL, you don't want it, and if DSLX does not require the landline, then you save money with DSLX. )

You might, however,. get better technical and customer support, better services for personal web space, newsgroups, etc., with a 3rd party vendor like DSLX.

You surely won't get better DSL rates from DSLX though. (Not counting the landline option mentioned.) It is dishonest to imply that.


Toledo, OH
reply to idioticcorps

the BBB won't do a damn thing. They're a puppet for any company that is a "member". It's also not illegal to offer to move customers over, AT&T does it all the time.

The OP needs to contact his PUC and see if they're is a provision that telephone service is now un-regulated. If so he has no grounds to stand on. Home Rule will go over FTC and the BBB will be told to go fly.


Toledo, OH
reply to maikii

also keep in mind DSLX has been rumored to start outsourcing. And they are HIGHER than the actual LEC- even before the below the belt lie on the line fee- which they claim they only charge for AT&T customers due to its passed on by AT&T.


Buffalo, NY
reply to dslbohica

If you call, yes you will be switched to fios, however they will give you 3M fios and you will keep your same phone rates. Obviously be prepared for the sales pitch to a "true" fios double/triple play if/when you do call. The edict was dropped they will no longer repair copper lines in fios areas, so long as a copper tech has spare pairs he can put you on, you can keep your copper. FORCED migrations are. OT happening... YET!


Salisbury, MD
reply to dslbohica

What of those who don't have the FiOS option? Huh? VZ are you gonna put fiber where you pass 5 or 10 houses per mile?
Don't blow this sales crap to the ones that have no other choice just fix your network problem and stop deceiving the public.