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Re: Yes, I was hacked. Hard.

So we guess that a weak password was cracked?
Or the site has an exploitable hole unknown at present?
The computer was hacked and the user keeps passwords stored in the standard locations in password caches of applications?

Scary, we are vulnerable to a lot more than the average user even cares for, and just hope it is all sorted and really serious personal data isn't exploited down the road, it is the biggest worry to me, outside of course, those sites that does store my data.
And remember most of you security people understand all too well, IT costs are non-profitable, which does not help the cause at any level.

I remember an email to me a few years back when a concerned person told me my password was listed off a hacked site on the internet. Luckily that password was only used on old sites and the credit card if they did get that much info no longer exists - still, I was glad someone I did not know had the time to email me, 200,000 users hacked, they would have had a hard time emailing everyone.

Best of luck, and hope Mat learns from this.
The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing - Edmund Burke