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Deland, FL

[CFL] My Installation Experience with TIVO on cable (BHN)

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Pairing Completed

43 EMMs
So about a month ago I purchased a refurbished Tivo Series 4 from Ben's Outlet. After tens days I received it.
Mistake #1: Without having a tuning adapter or cable card I installed the Tivo, this is a mistake even though the Tivo Manual says you can do it. This does two things first it programs the Tivo tuners second it starts the clock on your limited use of the Tivo with out a subscription usually a month but in my case only two weeks.
Solution #1: Contact BHN and get (via walk up counter or a service tech) a Tuning Adapter and a Cable Card, make sure the cable card is an M-Card "MultiStream" The series 4 Tivo will not work with a single stream cable card, also most counter BHN people are not aware of a difference so make sure you check this.

Now that you have all the componets you are ready to install.
Plug the Tuning adapter into your coax from the wall, than to the tivo, do not forget the USB plug. Hook up your Tivo to ethernet as it will use this connect for set up. Install the M-Card into the Tivo and power everything up. The Tuning adapter will blink and go solid during the startup.

Your Tivo will boot up ask you some location questions and once you get to the Cable Card portion of setup, you will need to call your cable operator and tell them you need to pair your cable card.

You will need your Cable Card ID and your Host ID, both can be found on the Cable Card/Host ID Screen in your Cable Card Menu.
After you are paired go to the Cable Card CA screen and see if you have any EMMs, it is the last number on the page, I had about 43 when everything started working.

No you can continue with setup.

Once setup is complete see what channels you have try 2-97 for analog, try 100-150 for digital and 1013 for HD SDV. If any channels are mising something is not right.

This happened to me and a power cycle of the Tuning adapter fixed it.

In all I am happy I went with the Tivo but it did take 3 service calls, three cable cards, two tuning adapters before it started working.

I commend BHN for their efforts and hope their expert puts out a service bulletin for all service techs and call center folks.

BHN Staff
Saint Petersburg, FL

Thank you B25pilot. Your situation was unusual to say the least with everything that happened and I'm happy to see that all the mutual hard work paid off.