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AT&T Internet Support

AT&T HiSpeed internet support has been a nightmare. I scheduled a repair appointment and they did not show up or notify me that they would not meet the appointment. I literally cancelled appointments and waited at my home from 1PM-5PM and that did not show up.

After calling to find out what transpired, I was on the phone for 1 hour and spoke to 4 people who spoke to 4 other people to have the repair scheduled for Sunday morning between 8-12. Behold I got an automated call at 8:04AM to notify me that the appointment was from 1-5, another inconvenience since I had already rearranged my schedule to be there for the repair.

After 30 minutes, I got the rudest manager on the line. She said she had arranged the repair for 8-12. When I asked her for a confirmation email she got highly upset, raised her voice to me and said they had to go thru the Legal Dept. to send out a confirmation email. Needless to say, Legal Dept. was not available on Sunday. REALLY, when did it become necessary for Legal Dept. to send a confirmation email????

I am at my wits end with AT&T HiSpeed internet support. This is just one of many similar episodes I have experienced with AT&T and other businesses I have done work for.

Well, we'll see if they keep their word about he appointment today. I will repost regarding this after the repair, if it ever gets done.

AT&T has the most unreliable, inaccessible, inefficient and discourteous support department I have EVER dealt with. It will not be long before they lose this customer.


I SO agree with elreed1. I foolishly switched from Comcast to AT&T DSl to save a few dollars a couple of months ago. The connection is SO SLOW at times I can't even get any work done. I dread calling tech support because I have to unplug everything, reconfigure my computer and connect direct tot he modem, and amazingly everything will work then. I don't know if they somehow route more bandwidth my way temporarily just to be able to blame my wiring (shouldn't they have fixed that during the install??) or my router (which worked flawlessly with Comcast and occasionally with AT&T when the DSL speed is decent). I've just started keeping a log of bandwidth speed test to use when I decide to get out of my contract and switch back to Comcast.
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