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The Pig
I know you want to be me
reply to telco_mtl

Re: Why Do 2 A/C Vents Throw Warmer Air Inside?

said by telco_mtl:

said by The Pig:

Either stuck door or tubing came lose!

i can tell you with 95% certainty after having owned one of these vehicules, the stuck door is a wild goose chase, its low on refrigerant.

How can it be low if one side of the car is cold?
So the stuck door is out!
I still think it's the tube that carries the cold air to the vent came loose or fell off!

You're both right and wrong.

It IS a tube.

The tbe happens to carry vacuum tho.....
Very common occurance on the grand pricks.
It's usually due to newbie mechanics thinking that all door/duct functions are electric motor controlled.
Nope, GM still has it's head in the sand and still uses vacuum.