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[Connectivity] Ping Spikes/ High Latency/ High Jitter Fort Laude

5 reps, 3 techs later and counting!

As of monday July 30th around 10Pm my internet connection has been awful. I was on Xbox live and noticed my character running into walls. Speedtest.net showed 20 to 25mbs download speeds which are good but pingtest.net consistently gave me C or D scores with anywhere from 2% to 12% packed loss, Ping goes anywhere from 20+ to over 170+, jitter is also very high.

While gaming it appears to run well for a few minutes then all of a sudden i get over 999 ping (depending on game some cap higher than 999). I have spoken to so many techs and gotten different answers, but the problem still persists. The last guy to come go into an argument with me because he kept saying it was the Router even though I tried to explain to him that I have troubleshot the router with everyone else prior to his arrival. The second tech removed all splitters and ran new lines to the modem direct from the comcast box.

The last tech just left earlier today, he didn't actually want to help he just wanted to leave since it was sunday. He literally told me 6% packet loss is not bad and that pingtest.net was having issues on their end and that my internet was fine. You could see how even just browsing the web was extremely sparatic and he went on to say that it was the internet browser and not the internet connection. I basically told him "I understand its sunday and you don't want to be here but you haven't even connected your machine to the lines to troubleshoot so you obviously don't want to be here. Leave and I will call comcast to send a tech who actually wants to fix my internet." Sorry now I'm just venting. Here is my modem information.

Acquired Downstream Channel 345 MHz Primary Downstream Locked
Ranged Upstream Channel 27.9 MHz Success
Provisioning State OK Operational
Ethernet Link Status Up 100 Mbps/Full duplex


requency 345000000 333000000 357000000 369000000
Lock Status
(QAM Lock/FEC Sync/MPEG Lock) Y/Y/Y Y/Y/Y Y/Y/Y Y/Y/Y
Channel Id 3 1 5 7
Modulation 256QAM 256QAM 256QAM 256QAM
Symbol Rate
(Msym/sec) 5.360537 5.360537 5.360537 5.360537
Interleave Depth I=32
J=4 I=32
J=4 I=32
J=4 I=32
Power Level
(dBmV) 2.69 3.61 1.97 1.69
(dB) 36.17 36.17 36.39 36.84
Codewords 9 0 13 11
Codewords 1573 512 636 729


Channel Type 2.0 N/A Mixed 2.0
Channel ID 2 N/A 1 3
(Hz) 27900000 N/A 22600000 34800000
Ranging Status Success N/A Success Success
Modulation 64QAM N/A 64QAM 64QAM
Symbol Rate
(KSym/sec) 5120 N/A 2560 5120
Mini-Slot Size 4 N/A 4 4
Power Level
(dBmV) 47.00 N/A 46.50 47.50
T1 Timeouts 0 0 0 0
T2 Timeouts 0 0 0 0
T3 Timeouts 0 0 0 0
T4 Timeouts 0 0 0 0

no SNR that I could find it is a UBee modem. I have read many posts of people in florida having this problem. No one from comcast seems to know what it is. Last Phone rep told me to visit the comcast office and bring my modem to replace it, however I doubt this will fix the issue as others have done the same and the problem persisted. Is it possible they are having an issue on their end that they are not aware of? At this point it seems to be too many people to be just a local issue. Sorry about the wall of text I just really want to resolve this not just for myself but for everyone else. Otherwise Uverse? lol.