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Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Uverse approved modems

I currently have the Motorola gateway with my Uverse internet service but find it's user interface to be quite clunky and not as easy as the 2wire 2701hg-b modem or Netgear router with built in dsl modem i was using when i had DSL.

Are there any other gateways/modems that will work with Uverse made by Netgear? I know u can buy Netgear routers with built in adsl2+ modems.

I live in an area in ft lauderdale where the fastest Uverse speed is 6.0mb (same as i was getting with DSL) and on my Motorola interface page it says i have ADSL2+ service. I found a netgear router that says it supports ADSL2+ service on amazon:

»www.amazon.com/Netgear-DGN3500-W ··· adsl2%2B

Also if you happen to switch your modem/gateway to something else to u have to call Uverse tech support and let them know so they can provision your new modem or ?

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It is my understanding that ADSL2+ U-verse will not work with any generic ADSL2+ modem. AT&T's IPDSLAM service uses some unique kind of authentication not provided by the generic modems.
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Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Ugh ok thanks. I guess I could always connect a netgear wireless router to my Motorola Uverse gateway and let the netgear wireless router take over most of the stuff the RG handles eh?

I'm also wondering how they decide who gets the Motorola NVG510 and who gets the Uverse 2wire gateways? I was told on the phone when i moved and had to switch from DSL to Uverse i'd get a Uverse 2wire modem but instead i got the Motorola in the self install kit.

I called in to ask why and they told me it's based on the area. Like in my last apartment even though i had ATT DSL .....all services thru Uverse were available there too(TV, Internet, Phone). I only moved a mile down the road and at my new place i can only get Uverse internet --no phone or tv......and at a top speed of 6.0 for the internet. It's very odd too b/c my neighborhood sits

I guess the reason i got the Motorola is b/c in my new neighborhood tv and phone isnt available and top speed internet is 6.0??


If you can find a 2Wire 2701HGV-B then that will work for you.