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Hallo lisa Aus Amerika
Byron, GA
reply to davidhoffman

Re: [DIRECTV] Thinking of cutting the cord in the next 2 weeks

said by davidhoffman:

Yes, I used to get some far away channels at night due to atmospheric bounce in the analog days. It rarely happens now in the digital era. I am limited to indoor antenna due to apartment restrictions. I went to TVFool and found that even if the landlord agreed to put up antennas on the roof 40 ft above ground level, we would not get any more stations consistently due to the low area we are in . Most of the area is surrounded by rising terrain with tall trees and buildings.

Could be worse and you live in Macon with high rises which Warner robins doesn't have.

Warner Robins, GA
I wonder if some of those high rise buildings could support TV broadcast antennas. But even then that does not help everyone. I used to live in Chicago and even after the John Hancock and Sears Tower skyscrapers were built with TV broadcast antennas on top, some people had bad reception in the City of Chicago. That was one of the reasons the city council sped up approval of the cable TV franchise system, people could not get good reception. There had been talk of building an antenna only tower on the lakefront. I think they scrapped the project when it was shown that even a tower a half a mile high would only have marginal benefit. Too much building interference and multi-path distortion exists.