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Linksys IP phone SPA942 not working

I have a Linksys IP phone SPA942 which has a problem. Every time i connect to a power cable all the lights in the phone glows and goes off except the mute which is always glowing red and never goes off!.

Even when i connect a internet cable to configure an extension( via Web access ) the status of the phone never changes. Mute button is ON as it is. Even after changing the network settings from DHCP to static so that i can manually enter my IP address, there is no change what so ever. It is same as it is even the internet cable is connected or not.

When i check the phone status it says Tx:4P and Rx:0P.

I used both POE and power adapter. In POE connection, phone is not getting its power but in power adapter phone is getting its power source as i can go into settings,etc.

I did factory reset several times no luck
Is this a hardware issue?
Please guide me so that i can make this 140$ to work!!

Sounds like there's no ethernet cable plugged into the WAN port on the phone. If your phone has 2 Cat5 plugs on the back, make sure it's plugged into the one labeled SW or Switch. Should be the one directly next to the plug for the handset.
Otherwise I'd try another cable, I've had a bad cable cause the Mute button to light up in the past. Swapping patch cords fixed it.


But with the same POE cable my Cisco 7940 is working fine. In this linksys when i insert that POE its not even considering only if i insert the adapter the phone lights are blinking.
The thing is either i insert a cable or not the status of the phone is same as it is. Mute light is glowing continuously.
And Yes i did insert the cable to switch port not to the PC port.

Thanks for your reply Dude.

Mike Wolf

Beachwood, NJ
Sounds like there might be something wrong with the phone then.

Middletown, MD
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