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Arris TM802G Telephony Modem with CableONE

With Cable One Service, Do you have to purchase the Modem through them or will the same model work purchased elsewhere?

CableOne Price 159.00
Online 89.00



Scottsdale, AZ
They say it must have been purchased from the manufacture or it wont work, they all were at one point.....

If you get it and they dont let you add it IIRC you can take legal action. The requirement by the FCC makes it mandatory that they let you use equipment you got elsewhere (with limitations), such as cable modems and boxes, phone modems etc. Thats why you can use a tivo box and your own modem to name a few.

For arguments sake with them just say you bought it from the cable one online store link (»yourbroadbandstore.com/ or specifically »www.yourbroadbandstore.com/solut ··· ableone/)
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Long Beach, MS
reply to What2Buy
I asked CableOne about using an Arris modem I saw at a thrift store. They said that they would not allow it. With the Arris modems they are actually more than just a modem. They are also provisioned for VOIP and have many hidden setup files that can't be accessed by the user. I've read some modem hacking forums about this. You'd probably get a different answer about a Motorola Surfboard or something that's just a modem.

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Gautier, MS

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said by DRNewcomb:

You'd probably get a different answer about a Motorola Surfboard or something that's just a modem.

Seconded. I picked up a second-hand Motorola SB5101 modem for a dollar a few years back. CableOne had no problems provisioning it.

They'll accept most major brands/models of modems as long as they're D2 or better, but not voip modems AFAIK.
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Scottsdale, AZ
reply to What2Buy
The hidden files are the provisioning files, EVERY device connected to the cable network gets them. Without hacking them (which without cable company permission is a felony by the way) no cable devices provisioning files are user accessible. Some modems let you see the name of the provisioning file it was given but thats it.

CableOne only supports the Arris phone modems, Cisco and Motorola both make phone modems as well, they are just not supported by CableOne.

CableOne makes money off the modems sold from Arris' website, thats why they want you to buy them there.

Also you cant easily buy an Arris phone modem from a retailer like you can a Motorola SurfBoard SBV5222 (Motorola D2 phone/cable modem, which cant be used on their network), just like you cant easily find a Cisco D3 modem (DPC3010 for example), just about every retailer sells a SB6120/1

Bottom line is this:

What is the difference between the Arris modem I get from my neighbor that cancelled CableOne phone and the one I get from CableOne?

NOTHING! Once its connected to their network and provisioned CableOne will update the firmware (with a version that works on their network) and send it its configuration/provisioning files)

CableOne feeds their customers BS, for example they say that if your alarm has smoke or CO2 detectors it cant use their phone service, which is BS, if you want to know why start another thread as I dont want to hijack this one, but in short: their phone service is not as reliable as an alarm needs it, same reason why they dont support ankle monitors or other devices that need high reliability, without which they will not work.
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reply to What2Buy
Arris modems are "junk". I dealt with Cableone's Arris modems for a year with constant resets and down connections... sometimes occurring as much as several times an hour. It was a nightmare. The Arris modem was the LAST thing they wanted to blame for causing the problems.

I finally was able to get out of the VOIP portion of the contract... switched back to AT&T for phone... and happily gave them back the Arris. I kept their 50MB internet and bought my own Motorola SBG6580 Docsis 3.0 wireless gateway on Ebay for well under $100 and the thing has been "rock solid" since purchase... 3 months now. I've never once lost connection or had to reset it. Making all of those changes is one of the best things I've ever did.

I highly discourage anyone signing up for their VOIP if you're going to rely on it as your primary phone service. Using two tins cans and a string is more reliable.


Ada, OK
reply to What2Buy
If you by a Arris cable Phone Modem off eBay or from a friend even if it has been used on CableOne they will not allow it to be used on their network. here is what they sent ..

Thank you for your request for support. At this point in time, Arris modems that are not purchased from the link we sent you earlier will not work on our network. Only modems purchased from yourbroadbandstore.com/solutions/cableone are properly configured to work on our network. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

I had 5 Arris TG862 modems They are a piece of unreliable trash Junk Junk Junk I am taking my Arris back to cableOne an tell them where they can stick the Modem and the phone service an give me a Motorola Modem without the phone service. I did that before an they told me I only could get the 1.5 mpbs internet an the 50mpbs is only for the Arris modem with phone service they Lie I connected a Motorola SVB52222 Voice Data Modem an went to an the signal is perfect no dropouts an reconnected the Arris Trash an the signal is in an out... Wonder if CableOne got a Jar of Vaseline when they bought the Arris Modems ?


Rio Rancho, NM
reply to What2Buy
I'm using cable modem made by Zoom Telephonics (Zoom 5341)
I bought it @ Staples more than year ago. It supports DOCSIS 3.0 standard, of course it works with cableone (also Comcast). I did not have a problem with it since cableone switched to 50mbps in summer of 2011. The only downtimes I had was due to citywide interruption of service.

Oh yeah, and before that, for DOCSIS 2.0 I used Linksys CM100 cable modem, also a great buy. I still have it laying around. I guess I'll have to sell it.


Minneapolis, MN
reply to What2Buy
Visiting my mom for the holidays and went to reset the modem as the internet died. Found this Arris POS sitting there in place of my old Surfboard. Apparently they stole it when they replaced it. Called them up and their response was "why do you care, it's obsolete?"

News to me as I still run Docsis 2.0 with Comcast back home (with faster speeds and barely better reliability)... Every time I visit I'm reminded that Comcast really isn't the devil. CableOne is.

So has anyone had success getting a third party-bought Arris with CableOne? Is it at all possible?