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This is a sub-selection from [Poll] First to MoP

Nick D
Orange, CA

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reply to McBrain

Re: [Poll] First to MoP

Every goddamn hunter who pugs and doesn't have a Dragonhawk/Wind Serpent makes me so sad.

Stable should be:
Cat for soloing/5 mans (because really when was the last time you raided without a DK, warrior, or shaman?)
Wolf (which seems to not make the cut in most of my groups; lots o' fury warriors, ferals, and ele shamans. Even the occasional sub rogue)
Dragonhawk/Wind Serpent (because no rogues play mut, only a few moonkins, and warlocks are still the least played class)
Ravager (rogues and frost DKs are more plentiful than above)
Whatever for the 5th (best is probably Raptor for sunder, but I end up in groups with a lot of warriors and cats. Hyena if you're really hard up for bleeds and your rogues cry. Otherwise, a tank pet is just fine, or whatever you find prettiest)


The missing buffs in that group are Stats (the big one, I'd admit), 5% crit (unless rogue was sub), 3% damage, and Replen (unless warlock was destro). Hunters can solve the first three (though admittedly only by being BM). So it really wasn't TOO bad.

BRB Face Melting

Rogue was Combat and Warlock was Affliction.

It was bad. Lol.

That being said, my Enhancement Shaman is a damn beast. I am very hard pressed to find ANYONE who can out dps him that isn't nearly full heroic geared, and he is at ilvl393...I know it is the end of the expac and all and people aren't trying hard, but I am loving the state that this guy is in PvE-wise. Now if Blizzard could just somehow equivocate that to PvP I'd be all set.
McBrain#1558 - Barbarian/Monk

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