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Mineral Wells, TX
reply to obdurl

Re: [Speed] Suddenlink Cable internet Lag

said by obdurl:

Sorry I forgot to reply.
Go figure on the stats. I am at a loss. Right now the PS3 is pulling 6.5 Mbps dl and 889.0 Mbps ul. I am going to try it and see what it does. Figure this out - Sometimes when the Dnload gets this low or lower I can change the DNS on the Router to the free DNS and the PS3 runs 11 to 13 Mbps DnLoad. But not today. It is running 6.2 Mbps DL and 882.5 UL under DNS I just changed to DNS google-public-dns-b.google.com and getting some pretty good responses in the game so far. Shots kill faster and movement is faster. SO FAR! This DNS Showed to be 36% faster than the

Netflix is on the Apple TV most of the time. It can login to the Netflix servers even if the Apple Network is down. Sometimes I watch it on the computer.

Do you think this is a possibility from the statement below. It came from »n2.netalyzr.icsi.berkeley.edu.

Network Access Link Properties + –
Network latency measurements (?): Latency: 63ms Loss: 0.0% +
TCP connection setup latency (?): 66ms +
Network background health measurement (?): no transient outages +
Network bandwidth (?): Upload 1.5 Mbit/sec, Download 16 Mbit/sec +
Network buffer measurements (?): Uplink 1300 ms, Downlink 130 ms –
We estimate your uplink as having 1300 msec of buffering. This is quite high, and you may experience substantial disruption to your network performance when performing interactive tasks such as web-surfing while simultaneously conducting large uploads. With such a buffer, real-time applications such as games or audio chat can work quite poorly when conducting large uploads at the same time.
We estimate your downlink as having 130 msec of buffering. This level may serve well for maximizing speed while minimizing the impact of large transfers on other traffic.

DNS servers might have been your problem practically even though is level3's

I actually set up my router on suddenlink and linked it to comodo's mainly cause suddenlink's redirect got annoying after I told it 100x times to turn off.. doing it at the router/modem level means all devices under your network use the dns

anyways not sure why level 3's might have been messing up but it can happen


Haughton, LA
the dns server should not effect the bandwidth at all. Dns is more of a lookup tool that points what you typed into the bar to an ip address somewhere on the internet. Without dns you'd have to type in an ip for every site you want to go to.

Once you have made a connection to the server (website) that you are going to, you are no longer using the dns servers.

If you are not uploading anything then the uplink buffer wouldn't have any meaningful effects on your gaming, and especially not on streaming a Netflix movie which involves little to no upstream traffic.

Out of curiosity, are these test results that you are posting taken while your connection is working fine, or when you are experiencing trouble?
20/2 Suddenlink : Current
5/1 CMA : Old
15/2 TWC : Old


Muskogee, OK
PS3 still running pretty good at the moment. I am going to keep it going for a while to see how long it will run.

Thanks for the DNS info.