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reply to THZNDUP

Re: [Connectivity] "not servicable" despite trunk line

said by THZNDUP:


Looks like the $3K/HP isn't too far out of reason, just that Comcast seems to think it should be half that to meet their financial requirements and rate of return.

Getting a good metric for a new build with subscriber estimates versus established systems and proven cash flow can get........interesting.

That $3k Comcast cost is per home passed, not per customer which is what the links I posted had stats for.

That $3k also doesn't cover the install from the plant to the TV/PC/phone for homes that actually want some service. Looking at Google maps sat view I can see most of those homes are set WAY back and will take extra work to hook up.
If it's important, back it up... twice. Even 99.999% availability isn't enough sometimes.

Deorum Offensa Diis Curae
The way I read the article, around $1,500 is Comcast's maximum cost per home passed..........

The second article telcodad See Profile posted has a bit more info:

According to the Comcast proposal there are 540 homes on Chappaquiddick. With 100 per cent participation, the one-time fee paid by a subscriber would be $1,526. With 40 per cent participation, the one-time fee would be $3,815. The proposal requires a minimum 40 per cent participation and a commitment by homeowners to subscribe year-round for two years.

Right back up in the $3K-$4K market.

The extra 'over 250ft long drop' charges would be paid for by the homeowner, although getting the heavier construction done in conjunction with the plant should be a no-brainer, they will know who and where the 40% minimum is. Hopefully the people would have a good idea of what those charges would be prior to making any commitment.

I wonder what level(s) of service are required for that two year contract. Somehow I don't think Limited Basic is going to be a big factor in Comcast's plans.
one should not increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything

Lincroft, NJ
BTW - it looks like Comcast's proposal did not get a good reception from Chappaquiddick's residents:

Comcast turns off Chappy residents with offer of cable service
By Steve Myrick, The Martha's Vineyard Times - September 19, 2012
»www.mvtimes.com/2012/09/19/comca ··· e-12580/


Editorial : Comcast prices Chappy service, but does it really want to deal
The Martha's Vineyard Times - September 19, 2012
»www.mvtimes.com/2012/09/19/edito ··· l-12585/

But, there is a wireless internet service available on the island provided by a resident and local businessman:

Wireless Internet has a home on Chappaquiddick
By Tony Omer, The Martha's Vineyard Times - September 19, 2012
»www.mvtimes.com/2012/09/19/wirel ··· k-12548/