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reply to gar187er

Re: [Connectivity] "not servicable" despite trunk line

I thank you all for your replies, you are starting to move out of my vocabulary though so please forgive me for asking about things google does not provide definitions for.

said by tshirt:

If it's just one house, it will likely be in the 10K plus range (and that's not the whole cost, comcast would be covering quite a bit.
However if you check with the local "construction" office, thet will arrange to have it survyed AND give you an exact estimate for a plant extension.
good luck

BTW the non cash part of the cost is they will REQUIRE a permanent RoW easement, deeded if that is required in your state.

Well, I own the road frontage and the utilities already run to the house, so I don't think it's an issue of having a place to put it.

said by DrDrew:

Yes cable taps are done at specific points.

Trunk lines are between the node and amplifiers or between 2 amplifiers . Feeder lines are from amps to taps. So if it's truly a "trunk" line, they won't tap it. The cable company will tap a feeder line though, if they signal is strong enough and it won't put customers further down the line out of acceptable signal levels.

So trunk line is from node, going along with amplifiers, feeder lines only come off from where amplifiers are and terminate at taps which then run drops to homes?

So I might not be in range of a feeders tap and may have to pay to get one run from the closest amplifier just to have service at the end of my driveway (forgetting about the 1k foot driveway)? There looks to be an amplifier less than 100' down the road. If it is in fact an amplifier, there should be no problem with them running a line from it to the road frontage of the property correct?

Is that not something they normally take care of?

said by gar187er:

trunk it called trunk for a reason....normally taps are not inline on trunk runs.....what they could do is cut a DC (directional coupler/fancy splitter), and mount an amp at that point; which as was said needs power. Then run feeder (smaller hardline) back to you, and put a tap within a hundred feet of your house.

I may be using the terminology incorrectly. What I know is the large cable below the power cables with the loops and metal boxes (what I assume are amplifiers) in them run along the power lines, all down the road. And that 3 houses down it tees off toward a few houses, and a rep confirmed that was the closest serviced address.

Also, one of those metal boxes on the lines I assume are amplifiers are less then 100' from the road frontage.