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[connectivity] westell 7500 port forward

Had trouble port forwarding the Westell 7500 modem/router for use with a IP cam. I was only able to open one port but needed a second port for a second IP camera. Call Verizon tech support for help BIG mistake. After being transferred from one person to another finally got hold of someone. The someone was useless. Kept on putting me on hold to check with his superiors. Finally was connect to someone who said they can help me. But wanted to charge me $15 a month for this port forwarding service. Port forwarding is a free service. Verizon is ripping people off left and right. I declined this rip off service and will cancel my Verizon DSL service because of this. I want better customer service if I have to pay so much already. Verizon sucks. They over charge for everything and they charge for things that are free. Do not use them ever.

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a) Allowing users from the network of networks that spans the globle (otherwise known as the Internet) to connect through the router to computer(s) behind the router is outside of the box of "normal" tech support, and most user(s) who use the Internet do not forward ports in their router.

That is why it cost extra money.

b) To fix your issue without asking for help from Verizon:

#1 Make the second camera use another port. For example set it to use port 81.

#2 In the router forward the second port to the second camera.

#3 Have users from the Internet enter in the Public IP colon port number.

For example if the public IP is then they would enter in

OR if you want to, have the user from the Internet enter in the domain name colon port number.

For example of how to get a domain name if you don't have a Static Public IP, would be to use »tzodns.com/

Please use the "yellow (IM) envelope" to contact me and please leave the URL intact.


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reply to tdtour

I am confused here.. unless there is a firmware I don't have on my 7500, you should be able to port forward without issue.

Do you have a router behind the modem by chance?

That being said, try the Westell forums here. I got some help/ideas to solve my issue years ago there.