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Re: [Info] MS blocks WIN8 Start button, boot-to-desktop hacks

well I was just making a point, but I'm not moving to it. it's not going to work well in the environment I am in and we've already decided since we just started moving to win7 we're not going to head off to 8. so next cycle will be in 2 years I think we've planned for.

Gone Fishing
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Windows 8 feature - Boot to desktop

w w w . n e o w I n . n e t
...Windows 8 feature - Boot to desktop


The feature is hidden somewhere between the folder options. All you have to do is to go to options in any Explorer window, choose the 'view' tab and click on 'Restore previous folder windows at log-on'.


The system will boot to the desktop at startup, but only if you leave an explorer window open at shutdown. It's still a great way if you don't want to use special software, such as Stardock's Start8.


More @ »www.neowin.net/news/from-the-for ··· -desktop

non nova, sed nove
primum non nocere

Glen T

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Re: [Info] MS blocks WIN8 Start button, boot-to-desktop hacks

said by btB :

The difference between going to Metro first and then to Desktop is not some complicated/time-consuming procedure either. It is one mouse click if you do it yourself, or a second or two if you have a program doing it for you.

Sure. Think of it as the commercials that you have to sit through in the movie theatre before they show the Main Attraction. Oh wait, you probably don't know what a theatre is ...