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Hemmingford, QC

[Internet] Bell turbo hub remote access

I have a netgear turbo hub from bell . I bought an 8 camera surveillance system at costco that I should be able to IP into remotely. According to the camera docs I should be able to have 2 ports opened by my ISP and jack is your uncle all working. (OK I hear alot of laughing out there) Well , as I'm learning thinks aren't that simple
and the combination of my limited knowledge,, and bells even more limited knowledge I think Through this forum I'm starting to get a handle on what I might need to do to get this working. According to all the bell support people I spoke to, Bell does not support opening ports. But I see in this forum, it appears I can buy a public IP for a small additional fee.
Has anyone here had to go through the process?
If I can finally find a bell rep to get a public IP should I get a dynamic or static? (Which would be easier?) When I get this static or dynamic IP should I be able to have the ports I need opened?
Any light you can shed on this would be appreciated.
P.S. I'm in the country and I seem to have only 2 options for highspeed. Bell and Videotron,, both wireless routers.
Thanks In advance