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Dodge, NE
reply to DarkLogix

Re: [MoP] People's plans for MOP launch

your plan for Mists sounds like a fast way to get bored with this expac, if you arent in a world first high level guild i see no reason to devoure content that fast. Pandaria is beautiful, i will be one that is going to go slow and enjoy what the devs have made for me to play in, Jade Forest, is just simply awesome, i love that place. to each his own i guess.
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Baytown, TX
That's what my priest is for.
My main will rush through and be ready to raid/rep grind.

My alt will go slowly and enjoy it.
Also depending on the timing I plan to take my time once the priest hits 80 and enjoy the quests of cata more than I did on my mage.


In Cata I was on at launch and leveled straight thru to 85. I was on pace to be realm first Druid but got glitched on on of the twilight highlands quests and could not finish a quest to get more breadcrumbs. I was very pissed and swore i would not do another realm first push, But..... i have played alot in MOP and i think i can do it so Sep 25 i will be up all night and hopefully should take about 8 hours to hit 90. Then its off to honor grind a full set of pvp gear once decked out repeat for my next char.
I currently have an 85 of every class on horde and ally all with max professions and pvp gear.