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reply to tschmidt

Re: %$^%#% - Mail box post rotted out / fellover / was knocked

said by tschmidt:

Completely agree with nunya See Profile on both counts. don't put post in concrete.

BTW here are the requirements for mailbox. Pretty straightforward.

»www.usps.com/manage/know-mailbox ··· ines.htm


Yup - used those same dimensions last year when I replaced and relocated (to opposite side of driveway) my mailbox and post, and got a big thank-you note from the mail carrier. No curb here, so I went by the edge of the berm of the road.

p.s., it took all of about an hour of my time, and a good portion of that was rummaging through my old coffee can of odds and ends screws to find 4 that matched, and trimming down a board to mount to the horizontal rail of the post that would accommodate the mailbox my wife selected.
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reply to nunya
said by nunya:

I wouldn't put it in concrete:
#1) it will hold water and make it rot faster.

I resolved this when I set the concrete by "doming" the concrete up towards the post. Water sheds away from the wood.

Also, I protected the wood with linseed oil prior to putting it into the concrete. Been in there 7 years and it is doing fine.

My mailbox is a mailbox-in-a-mailbox. Protected by a layer of concrete between the 2 boxes. Heavy as crap, thus requiring me to put the post in concrete.


Houston, TX
reply to nunya
said by nunya:

What does she look like in a bikini? Was it worth a mailbox?

Don't know.

Their insurance covered the mailbox though.

I may have been born yesterday. But it wasn't at night.

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reply to scooper
I just replaced mine. I bought a USP 4" x 4" Painted Base at Lowes and set it in concrete. Then I cut a cedar mailbox post to length and mounted it. Now if my post rots out or gets beat up, I can easily set a new one without digging out the concrete. I find it to be win-win: stability and modularity.
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reply to scooper
To close out -

Wednesday night (Aug 8), the wife and me had dinner at Carrabba's for our 25th anniversery. On this same lot is a Home Depot, so we decided to see what they had on "mailbox posts / materials". Found a metal 30 inches long stake like thing that had a collar for a 4x4 post - got this and a $2 piece of scrap 4x4. Went home, and didn't do anything about until today.

This morning - brought the old post up to the house, and after looking at - decided to take the circular saw to it to see if there was enough post after removing the rotted endpiece. Fortunately - there was. Cut off a piece off that scrap 4x4 (unfortunately - about 1-2 inches too short), grabbed the stake thingy and a sledgehammer to beat it into the ground.

All went well until I realized I had accidently struck the sides of the collar a few too many times on one side and my "beating piece" was stuck. Eventually, got that unstuck, used a longer piece of 4x4 to finish driving it in, then put the old post into the collar and tightened up the nuts and bolts.

I had been wanting to move the mailbox for awhile anyway, this just gave me an excuse.

I've just started thinking that I might want to put some through bolts through the collar and the post.