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New Orleans, LA

[ALL] To Get Cox Communications to Hear You

After Work

During Midnight Rain
You must speak their language:

Follow up regarding complaint to the Better Business Bureau:


By the way, the Cox rep initially said the following:

"We sent a Field supervisor to check the lock box on Wednesday, July 11, 2012. The supervisor found the box to be locked with everything in order. I contacted the consumer this morning, and he advised that all is still well with his internet service. The consumer will hang on to my contact information, in case he experiences further problems."

This is true because a Cox rep came there prior and closed the box and locked it IN MY PRESENCE. Prior to that, overnight in the rain, the box was as I indicate in these pictures attached:

Consumer's Original Complaint :

This is the second major go-around with the Cox Communications monopoly in the New Orleans area. I have been consistently (for the last two weeks) been getting disconnected from my internet connection at various points during the day. Speaking with the Cox phone blockers (Representatives) gets me into the Service Technician-Cox Representative Loop where my complaint cannot be escalated to the point where someone (a line technician) can actually look at the load on the node here and actively monitor the quality of the lines. In addition to the disconnects, at various points during the day (which I am logging religiously), my actual upload and download speeds (as well as my ping) are not even managing to reach half of the "up to" advertised 25 Mbps that I pay full price for.The unfortunate matter is Cox knows it has a virtual monopoly on the NO market, and there are few alternatives, and the one major alternative (Uverse) is inferior even to their shoddy product. For the last few weeks as well, I have noticed that the ooutside main cable box to the building is ripped open with the wires exposed. There are wires cut inside. When calling the Representative, I am told that the earliest someone can come look at the jumbled mass of cables and cut lines is "tomorrow." This is unacceptable, especially when the bill for my services are $65.00 a month, every month, and these bills come on time and are expected to be PAID on time.

Product_Or_Service: Cox Premiere

Consumer's Desired Resolution:

DesiredSettlementID: Other (requires explanation)I want their actual speeds and latency to match (or even come close within reason) to their ADVERTISED speeds. I want my connection to stop dropping out on average once or twice a day. I want them to secure their wiring from THIEVES who steal cable and, as a consequence, adversely affect quality of service for everyone else stuck on Cox cable's overloaded node (which they said they fixed last time, but as is evident, they have NOT).Cox preys on people's ignorance.

BBB Processing

07/10/2012 web BBB Case Received by BBB

07/10/2012 lg BBB Case Reviewed by BBB

07/10/2012 Otto EMAIL Send Acknowledgement to Consumer

07/10/2012 Otto EMAIL Notify Business of Dispute

07/16/2012 WEB BBB RECEIVE BUSINESS RESPONSE : We received this complaint and I contacted the consumer on Wednesday, July 11, 2012. The consumer advised that stability and speed improved after he swapped his modem for a new Docsis 3.0 modem on Tuesday, July 10, 2012. We agreed that he would monitor the service thru the weekend and that I would contact him on Monday, July 16, 2012 to confirm that all is still well. We also agreed that I would send someone to check the lock box that the consumer reported as being tampered with.

We sent a Field supervisor to check the lock box on Wednesday, July 11, 2012. The supervisor found the box to be locked with everything in order. I contacted the consumer this morning, and he advised that all is still well with his internet service. The consumer will hang on to my contact information, in case he experiences further problems.

Thank you,

****** *****

Cox Louisiana Customer Relations

07/16/2012 lg EMAIL Forward Business response to Consumer

07/16/2012 WEB BBB DISPUTE RESOLVED- WITH LETTER : (The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)

The lock box was fixed by the first technician...the wires were replaced and the box locked in my presence. The internet speed has been stable and sufficient as of late.

07/16/2012 lg EMAIL Inform Business - Case Closed RESOLVED

07/16/2012 Otto BBB Case Closed RESOLVED

08/06/2012 lg BBB ReOpen the Complaint

08/06/2012 lg BBB CONSUMER REBUTTAL TO BUSINESS RESPONSE : I am getting random, frequent disconnects from the internet still during the middle part of the day--every day--from around 10 AM until about 4-5 PM. This happens daily, regularly and intermittently. I am speaking with a ***** *******who apparently represents Cox's contractors that service their residential connections.The unfortunate thing is that through no fault of his own, ****** isn't available for days during the week. I have left a couple messages with Cox's representative, **** *****, and have not received a response contrary to what he indicated on the phone should I call and have "further issues." Maybe he is on an extended vacation, I do not know, but the seriousness of this issue should possibly move further up the chain from him.According to the posts on Cox's own support forums and dslreports.com, this is likely a problem with Cox's end. They either have faulty lines or they simply have too many customers on a node "competing" for signal and handshaking between Cox's plant and the customers' modem. I am not sure what it is, I am not in possession of any of the tools required to check into Cox's issues.As for myself, I have removed the router from the issue, bought a new modem, made sure Cox forced the latest firmware on new modem, replaced ethernet cable between modem and computer, replaced main coaxial cable from wall outlet to cable, called a tech to "check the line," and found nothing, kept regular logs of the modems activity, checked through pingtest the network card, re-seated the network card, watched as the modem dropped signal even while the computer was completely off--everything I can think of.For me, this has been an ongoing problem for two months. The interesting thing is that during the night, the connection is flawless...constantly up, I don't remember a force disconnect during this time. This consistently happens DAILY, even when the computer isn't on and I check the modem logs and notice the "System Up Time" being a few minutes or couple hours at best.Cox cannot continue to rely on their subcontractors to fix this problem. Cox cannot continue to ignore their customers' issues because it is happening in multiple markets, to customers with different modem configurations, and most during the daytime as well. This is NOT a coincidence and there needs to be a SERIOUS effort on the part of Cox to finally address this issue and not hope that the technical ignorance of their customers protects them from providing a consistent, stable service.Relevant websites:»www.cisco.com/en/US/tech/tk86/tk ··· n-SDThis is ridiculous. We customers are charged full price, every month (on time and without error, unlike the service) and can expect to have a reasonably stable connection. It is understandable that connectivity issues will happen from time to time--I am not saying otherwise. But this is DAILY, CONSISTENTLY AND RANDOMLY happening. I cannot switch to another service, as Cox is the monopoly in town. They bought our politicians and have a stranglehold on the cable market here. AT&T Uverse is in worse shape than Cox, so I will not even try to go there. This is the ONLY game in town for all practical purposes.

08/06/2012 lg EMAIL Forward Consumer Rebuttal to Business

08/07/2012 WEB BBB RECEIVED BUSINESS' ADDITIONAL RESPONSE : I contacted the consumer in regards to this issue, today. I advised that the Field supervisor he spoke to has placed an order to have the post wire running from our lock box to his living room replaced. The consumer is aware that our contractor will call him within the next 72 hours to schedule an appointment. I will continue to monitor the situation and will follow-up with the consumer, once the work order is completed.

Thank you,

****** *****

Cox Louisiana Customer Relations

08/07/2012 lg EMAIL Send Business' Rebuttal Response to Consumer

08/07/2012 WEB BBB CONSUMER SUBSEQUENT RESPONSE : (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

When this issue is resolved I will be satisfied and promptly close this complaint. As I indicated to the Cox rep above, this complaint is an ongoing occurance around the country, as I described on dslreports.com (under Cox HSI subforum) and under Coxs' own support forums (under Internet subforum).

Also, I want to add that the Cox rep above stated that even once I closed the previous complaint (prematurely, as it turns out), I had merely to "call anytime," with any further concerns--the understanding being that they would address these concerns and inform me of their results on an ongoing basis. I left messages, and I called a few times just to see if anyone would answer. I got no response. Though, to the Cox rep's credit above, he did say they pursued my complaint and "found nothing." It would have been nice though, to inform me of this obvious contrary information so that I might explain to him that there "IS" something going seriously wrong still.

In the interest of resolving this issue and in wanting to continue to work with Cox (for lack of an alternative, competing company in the area), I am taking off of work (and losing pay) for them to drop a line into the apartment.

That said, I want to stipulate again that this problem is occuring during the daylight hours (from around 11 AM until 4-5 PM) every day. In the evening, at least through now, the connection has been virtually spotless. Furthermore, this problem began occuring about 2 months ago, and it was sudden. I do not think it is a problem with a line in the wall, but I want to help them rule that out.

At this point, I hope that you of the Better Business Bureau will continue to keep this complaint open and live. If the problem is resolved, I will be HAPPY to do what it takes to close it promptly and give credit where due.

Thank you again, BBB, for your great help in giving a voice to the little guy against these monstrous, anonymous monolithic monopolies.

By the way, this post is a copy from the Cox Support Forums...I thought everyone here should also be made aware of the options available to them outside of the Cox denial loop.

Independence, OH
ouch seeing that mass of wires out in the open makes me think I was lucky that they just used the old At&t box on my house for me.


New Orleans, LA
said by chip89:

ouch seeing that mass of wires out in the open makes me think I was lucky that they just used the old At&t box on my house for me.

This is an apartment complex, and apparently some scumbag wanted free cable. If I would have seen him in the process, he would have been beaten with a car stop. I hate thieves especially when they're sweating me.


Scottsdale, AZ
reply to ron1973
I just call tech support...works for me and if that fails I escalate to the local GM office (have only done once)
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New Orleans, LA
reply to ron1973
UPDATE On Cox Internet Connection Drop-Out:

After eight solid days of ongoing, uninterrupted connectivity to the service, my service has AGAIN begun dropping out during the daylight hours.

The only good thing is that this is happening earlier and seems (from the limited logs I can see) to be happening less often during the day. However, for the last two days at least this has been going on, with regularity.

I have been in contact with the local Cox Rep, and they are scheduled to do a new "line drop" from the tap to my living room, and they are doing this to rule out any problems with my line. However, the rep said he is doubtful this will resolve the issue; they are doing it mainly to insure integrity of the line and to rule it out as being the culprit.

As indicated on this forum, I believe there is something feeding back into the line during the day, or possible heat issues (we have our lines above grount)...I don't know, ultimately...thats' Cox's job and hopefully they fix it soon.