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West Tenness
reply to CharterTVbad

Re: Chater TV just terrible

said by CharterTVbad :

3. Charter's PQ is horrendous. Their SD looks like TV from the 80's. Their HD looks like TV from the 90's.

Most of their SD is still analog. Once they go all digital that will change. The digital SD looks fine. Your comment about HD is bullshit.

They HD lineup totally sucked compared to anyone else when I was with them. Granted they've added more now, but it still doesn't compare to Dish or DirecTV.

What they HAD doesn't matter. What they HAVE does. And please tell me what are you missing on Charter that DirecTv has? not to say Charter can't improve but the difference now is negligible.

I had constant issues with the TV service, but for some reason their internet and voice was rock solid. I can't figure out why a cable company sucks at their core service, TV, but manages to get two recent add-ons: HSI and Voice, right.

When you HAD service with Charter which you admit was YEARS ago. Once again not germane. That's like me complaining about rain killing my DirecTv signal 12 years ago. Is it valid TOAY? nope.

It was never cheaper than DTV for long, their bundled special prices are only 6 months at which point you have to fight to get back to the lower price as before.

Charter unbundled is cheaper than DirecTv unbundled and you're not forced into a 2 year contract with a high ETF.

Tech Monkey

Lake Arrowhead, CA

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How is my opinion BS? It's my opinion, not yours. If you're blind to PQ, it's not my fault. Maybe you should try another service so you can see the difference. Where I live you can see the difference, which clearly isn't your area so maybe its better where you are, but out here is has never improved.

And my experience IS valid today since I have friends with Charter TV TODAY. And guess what? NOTHING HAS CHANGED.

Charter has not innovated like DTV has with better boxes, better signal quality, better lineups, etc, etc. They are still running the same old crap. Why pay for crap when you can pay a similar price for a far better service?

ETA: By the way I was with Charter 4 years ago, not 12. Things haven't changed much in 4 years, so it's not years and lifetimes that you want to insinuate...

And Charter was missing a LOT of sports channels in HD, and not even carrying some of them in SD. That was important to me, as I prefer watching only HD. Do they have them now? Most of them, yes. So they have improved their lineups, I'll give them that.