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Re: [Connectivity] "not servicable" despite trunk line

said by rendrenner:

Typically when you are expanding the plant to your house, you are only extending the plant to your house which means there is only once source of income.

If it cost Comcast $10,000 dollars to extend the cable to the house and Comcast did it free of charge, it would take years to recoup that cost. Even a customer who goes Triple Play with DVR and such is only going to have a bill around maybe $200 a month/ $2400 a year. Only a small percentage of that is actual profit. It would take years for Comcast to make a profit on that, assuming the customer kept the same level of service for the entire time.

Yes Comcast could make an exception for the OP and just do it, but these come up all the time. Comcast has been a 'for profit' company for years and I imagine shareholders would be upset if money was just given away.

I've never heard of AT&T just throwing in new VRads for one customer who is just out of reach of the closest one. Never heard of Dish mowing down a forest at their cost so a customer could have a clear view to the south.

I spent almost two years handling escalations in the West Michigan area. I had dozens of these type of calls where I had to speak to the customer when they received the estimate of what it would cost to extend them cable.

Some customers understood. Some customers stated that it wasnt their fault Comcast put the cable so close to the road and so far from their house. Some were mad that the builder never told them that it may be an issue when the house site was selected. One that sticks out is when a customer had a house fire cause a complete loss. They had a large existing lot. They pushed the house back from 100 ft off the road to 1000 during the rebuild. They actually planned the cost into the build price of the new home.

This topic has come up dozens of times before. It costs what it costs. What causes the most misunderstanding is what is acutally involved in getting a usable signal down a 1000 feet of cable. Depending on the area, the first 250-350ft will be covered by the company. If you chose to put your house far off the road or chose to be the first home in a new development, the peace and quiet can be expensive.

So.... Not to be ungrateful for your input, but try to at least read the post before replying. I stated several times I understand I will need to pay for it.


Hammond, IN
Point, he was replying to SpottedCat, not you.


said by goofy01:

Point, he was replying to SpottedCat, not you.

Oh I see, this forums a little different then most.


Grandville, MI
said by point125:

said by goofy01:

Point, he was replying to SpottedCat, not you.

Oh I see, this forums a little different then most.

Yep the reply was actually was to Cat, but in my defense i was typing in a non fast manner so your reply most likely slipped in before mine actually showed up.

Once you get someone to come out to do a site survey, you'll get a letter that will typically just be a form letter stating it will cost XXX amount of money to extend the plant to your location and that if you are willing to proceed, please call this contact number.
It wont be itemized, but there is a more detailed estimate on file. You should be able to request that to see if you can save some money somewhere, perhaps by digging your own trench or such. It's unlikely however that they'll let you supply any of the cable or such from another source..

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reply to point125
said by point125:

said by goofy01:

Point, he was replying to SpottedCat, not you.

Oh I see, this forums a little different then most.

Yes, the default view is a "flat" view that displays posts in a time sequential fashion instead of the nested view that is common with some other forums.

However, you can change your own personal default view of this site in the Members/Prefs../Forum tab "Topics view" setting (the "nest" setting is probably what you are used to seeing on some other sites):

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