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A Ninja Ant
United State
·Time Warner Cable

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Re: Do these results look from a new bundled $89.99 service?

OK. I am a dork and failed, but then what did you expect from a newbie? :P

TWC technicians did give me component cables (three white cables with red, green, and blue ribbons (RGB) on their ends [also gave me two black audio cables -- stereo to my HDTV's internal speakers I assume?], not red, yellow, and white). I have been using composite cables for too long (still used them with my VCR, CRT TVs, and DTV Pals). I disconnected them and tried one of my new HDMI cables. It worked and picture was way clearer (still not good as OTA though but good enough from cable compressions). Wait, weren't these RGB components supposed to be clear too?

However, the aspect picture ratios were wrong on some channels. I saw croppings, squishes, etc. I found out that there are SD and HD channels (e.g., 402 for KCBS-HD and 2 for KCBS-SD!). Why have both? I had to fiddle with that with the HDTV. I think I finally got them right. It was weird that some chnanels had wrong picture aspect ratios and croppings even if I had the correct channels. I hope I got those fixed. :O

Anyways, this is an Internet subforum so all TV discussions are in my »Just got $89.99 bundled package & have TV newbie questions! thread.

Also, my parents finally got their first monthly bills from last week's installation. Wow, $129.39 (lots of confusing installations, fees, taxes, and credits). Heh, good thing I only had to pay my old one for $52.99 and no lame fees (e.g., cable modem's $2.50).