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London, ON

[Internet] Sagemcom F@st 2864 disabled USB Ports?

Server Error
Bell-SURF tells me that the USB ports (2) on the captioned modem have been disabled (apparently by Bell) or are otherwise not supported by Bell. Is this true? Would they really do that? Why? (It was one of those, "let me talk to the tech guy and get back to you... no, we don't support the USB." customer-support conversations.

From a MacBook Air via WiFi through Finder>Go>Connect to Server "smb://mynetwork" (per Bell Connection Hub online information) returns the appended error message. Can anyone suggest a solution?

I want to network mass storage (LaCie 1TB) and a USB Laser printer (Brother).


as far as i know....

not supported - yes doesn't provide tech support for usb networked devices

disabled - no, as far as i know they are enabled still. when i first got my connection hub I tested it with a usb thumb drive and it worked just fine.

also see this post »[Internet] Setting up USB Printer with Sagemcom F@st 2864

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Nepean, ON
·Bell Fibe
Both ports are enabled. Networked devices are supported, printers are not.

For the printer:
The Connection Hub’s printer USB functionality is available for your use. However, the configuration and use of this printer functionality is not supported by Bell Internet Technical Support.
For storage devices, the modem's help page implies that support is available.


reply to AnnTeve
Have you found a solution to this issue yet?

The same thing is happening to me.

Until it gets working, I have an expensive book end hooked up the the modem.

The problem is not that the USB ports are disabled... its an issue with MacOS support for the protocol implementation that the Connection Hub uses.

See the following post. No solution that I've found yet and I'm having the same issue.

»[Internet] Connecting USB device to mac through bell hub sagemco

I can connect from my SmartTV and Windows box but not through my Macbook.