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Saint Louis, MO

What Hardware Is Installed For Uverse.

I currently have AT&T Dial ISP. OK OK when you stop laughing

I'm looking into signing up for Uverse. I have a Leviton structured media panel in my basement (with power) and would like to put or mount the equipment in the panel. What type of hardware is required for Uverse (other than the TV set top boxes/DVRs)?

Things like the DSL modem and/or what unit converts to the use of coaxial cable. If it uses coaxial cable.

Make and model numbers would be great. This way I can look up the Mfr Specs. All this information comes in over a phone line correct? I guess I'm also looking into what type of wiring would be required.

Thanks in advance.


Lisle, IL
·AT&T U-Verse
The modem is the "source" of all your U-Verse services -- all the IPTV boxes, as well as all internet devices, connect to the AT&T network via the modem

If you are getting single pair FTTN VDSL2 U-Verse IPTV + Internet (with or without voice service) your modem will be either a 2Wire/Pace 3800 or a 2Wire/Pace 3801.

If you are getting pair bonded FTTN VDSL2 U-Verse IPTV + Internet (with or without voice service) your modem will be a 2Wire/Pace i3812 iNID which is mounted on the outside of your residence, in place of the traditional phone company NID. For indoor WiFi & wired internet connections, AT&T provides a 2Wire/Pace i38 Indoor Access Point that connects to the i3812 with one pair of phone line using HPNA over Twisted Pair. The iNID system also requires the installation of the iPSU Power Supply Unit to power the i3812 outside unit -- this device is usually installed at the closest power outlet across the wall from the i3812 mounted outside

In either case, the Modem (3800/3801/i3812) is the device that takes the VDSL2 feed signal from the phone line, and then outputs HPNA over Coax that then outputs to the IPTV STBes for the TV signal

And if you have a nice Smart Panel, with Cat 5 and/or Coax runs to all TV and Wired Internet locations, your installer will love you. Bonus points if all the runs are labeled/tagged. Those things make installation much more straightforward


Saint Louis, MO
Thanks for the detailed reply ILpt4U. I had to look up a couple of the acronyms. I'm fairly versed but not a pro. If I understand it correctly, from my panel, TV still would be fed by coaxial and computer by (at least) cat 5 UTP. I plan on eliminating my land line POTS. I would imagine RG-6 is the recommended coaxial type.

Yes my analog (CRT) TV is pre wired with coaxial. Currently there isn't any UTP but I plan on running some this month. And things WILL be labeled for my own neuroticism

Thanks again,


Buford, GA
·AT&T U-Verse
I just had U-verse installed on Tuesday. The setup my installer used was:

Outside box --> Residential Gateway = Cat5e cable was pulled

Residential Gateway --> TV Receivers (DVRs) = Cat5e cable

My receivers then connect to the individual televisions either via HDMI or component video connections.

They didn't use any of my pre-existing RG6 coax at all. The 3801HGV residential gateway that was installed also is a wireless router for my internet connection, or has 10/100 ethernet ports if you need to hardwire a device.
My hourly rates:
$35 per hour.
$45 per hour if you want to watch.
$55 per hour if you want to help.
$100 per hour if you already tried to fix it.

End of line

Powder Springs, GA
reply to tanker001
Have you checked to see what is actually avail to you ?

May want to do that 1st.

That is a good idea... [when I prequalified - it only listed U-voice and Uverse internet [IP-DSL variety]...
If it says tv service is also available, then they are serviced by a V-Rad and should be able to get all three services..


Saint Louis, MO
reply to tanker001
Canezoid and AMDUSER, I tried going through the direct forum to get a tech to come out to my place to see if it is available. For the longest time I was in a DSL donut hole here in the St. Louis burbs. While I get Uverse ads in the mail almost weekly I never trusted them. I have never see any upgrades being done in my area.

They had indicated that I should call a number and request an "Address Validation Case". I'll paste the results at the end of this post since it is in the direct forum. I have been keeping an eye out for a truck in my neighborhood to ask a lineman if he knew if the infrastructure in my neighbor hood could handle U-Verse. Beyond the results below I don't Know what else to do.


Per the woman I was talking to; she didn't need (or wouldn't) start a validation case because her system showed my address was flashing "green" (right in her face she said). All set for UVerse.

I tried to tell her about the issues my neighbor had with his AT&T DSL (previously SBC) and that I seriously doubted that the infrastructure could handle DSL, or UVerse for that matter. Her reply was that it was best that I sign up for it and the tech that came out would first test the feed to see if I was too far.

That kinda sorta seems like a waste of time to me. I guess either way someone would have to come out to my location to check. I just think there is something bass ackwards about signing up for the service only to find out you can't get it. If it turns out I'm not eligible for UVerse that means I'll have to go with Charter, which I'm not liking.

I guess I'll just have to sign up for service when I'm ready and cross my fingers.

The worst part of calling "UVerse Sales" is the full court press on signing me up for service despite me telling them (several times) I wasn't ready to pull the trigger yet.