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reply to rascal60

Re: [Ultra/Lite] Serious Equipment Damage- ungrounded Rogers Cab

It's possible. Yes.

Grounding is part of the install. Yes.

No ground = defective install.

If this is indeed the case, yes, Rogers is and should be at fault for a defective install.

So, umm, do you always unplug every little thing in your house when you are away? Can't say I see that often.

Good luck proving the electrical outlets were not the problem, or could never have been a problem. I guess you could always contract a master electrician + an electrical engineer to write up a report for you though.

However, a faulty install is negligence on Rogers part. So, in my opinion, some karma my be on your side here if you show negligence/defectiveness of installation and Code.

Fort Erie, ON
He can try his luck going after Rogers for not grounding the cable line, but he most likely won't get anywhere. Regardless of the grounding issue, they would be by no means liable for the damage to equipment because a) a single grounding point is in itself sufficient to prevent lightning damage. The only sure-fire way is to unplug *everything* including coax and b) the modem and the router are undamaged. A lightning strike or surge on the coax line would have fried the modem and/or router before anything else.

The shame of this all is that if what he is being said is true, leaving the modem plugged into the electrical outlet may have provided sufficient ground to prevent anything more than the modem from being damaged. Leaving the coax connected while removing the electrical plug is beyond foolish.