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[E-mail] Suddenly seems I'm getting less E-Mail

I have four E-Mail addresses (one @me.com, two @comcast.net, and one @gmail.com accounts) and I am suddenly getting less E-Mail, most of it comes from retailers (such as BJ's, Sears, Best Buy, and Big Y) and another good portion comes from noreply@dslreports.com as I want to see when someone responds to a post. I use the me.com as my main e-mail and the two Comcast.net accounts quite often. I don't use gmail that much other than linking to YouTube account. I seem to be getting very few messages lately. I even changed my e-mail address on file with DSL Reports.com and it said I would get a verification e-mail which never came.

I just installed the Comcast gateway as I put the triple play back in and the gateway that they had on the shelf was the Arris TG862G (which has 8x4 channel bonding). I use Apple Mail client for all four e-mail addresses. I have gotten replies on DSLR to posts but did not get the E-Mails that alert me to a post reply. I am wondering if it is comcast network related, e-mail related, or a problem with DSLR. I had the DSLR emails sent to the Comcast.net email but tried switching it to the me.com e-mail.

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My suggestion would be to check the spam folders on your email accounts to see if the missing email is being detected as spam by the email server.

I don't know about me.com or gmail.com, but you will have to use the webmail access for your comcast.net email to check that since Comcast does not have imap access for their residential customer email. You should be able to access it from the email icon on the comcast.net portal page once you are logged into that page. If that does not work, try using the url »xfinityconnect.mail.comcast.net/ (I have to use this url, but it only works after you have logged into your account). Once you have access to the webmail page, you can see anything that is in the spam folder. If you find that there is frequently false positive spam for specific email addresses or domains, you can go into the email preferences and setup filters that will force email from specific sources (or with specific content) to always be delivered to your inbox (or you can just turn off spam detection entirely). I have had to do this with Comcast email, AT&T/Yahoo email, and even email delivered to my own domains. It is just the nature of how email and spam detection/prevention works...and fwiw, I have had to put nobody@dslreports.com into a spam whitelist or filter rule for just about every email server I use.
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reply to IowaCowboy
First of all, is this problem only with the Comcast e-mail account that you have? You have mentioned that you have changed your email address on file with DSL Reports.com but you haven't received the verification e-mail also. So this is not a problem with comcast e-mail account. I don't think any other member of DSLR is facing such issues and so it is not the problem with DSLR also. Its better you check your junk mail folder. In case, you don't find any mails, then I think it can be an issue with the server or the ISP you use.