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Glendale, AZ

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Re: Your G-Mail content is going public. ( NOT )

Really wasn't against you. I see Google bashed all the time here. Maybe right or wrong. Most regulars know where they stand on the issue and if and how they would use Google or not.
Thing is your original headline did make it seem now anyone could see anyone. That would be over the top period.
When it is just a change and only you can see it then it is either a feature some will like or not. But not a drastic major security hole. That is the difference. There are some here so passionate against all Google stands for they are just waiting for that one major blunder to pounce on. I am liking Google as free and for now trust what i use them for. For one I am a nobody and well Google does not care about me nor even a rouge employee would not.
Now some just may not like the new feature as they do not think crossing over even with your own account on Google is good. That may be a topic. Just not as scary.
So who hates the crossing over between the same accounts different tools Google is doing? Is it a benefit or a bad thing.
Plus the always would I like to combine the accounts as one big one thing? Do I have any other gmail accounts would I like to access at the same time.
For me I have a google apps with a domain name a google plain jane account and a google university account. I have never crossed them just because it would confuse me as I am not that smart. Also, too much info at once I will claim adhd. Plus yes security between accounts and uses.

Kailua, HI
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said by nonymous:

I have never crossed them (Gmail accounts) just because it would confuse me as I am not that smart.