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Minneapolis, MN

Crappy Sprint coverage

From my perspective there is a reason Sprint's prices are lower than the other major carriers: coverage. Or more accurately, lack thereof. I had Sprint from April 2001 till this past January when I lived in Houston and the Dallas area. There were certain parts of both cities where my Sprint phones (several different Sanyo and Samsung modesl and a Motorola) would lose service while the other brands were fine. In March of 2010 I moved to Irving near DFW International Airport and I was lucky to have 1 bar and I had tons of dropped calls, or no ring but a few minutes later I'd get a voicmail. My roommate and neighbors on Verizon and AT&T never had any trouble. Sprint finally sent me an Airave for free which solved all the trouble. We moved to Illinois in March of 2011 and it was the same problem: his Verizon phone and other family on AT&T had great service while mine was mostly useless except at home with the Airave. This past January I took my phone number and got on Verizon and I'm not looking back. I'll pay a little extra a month so I can make phone calls when I want to. You get what you pay for.