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Windsor, CT

Inside copper wiring help

Does anyone do or know someone in the Hartford/Windsor CT area that does small inside wiring work?

I am having problems with the connection between the wires in the wall and the back of the piece that has the phone jack plug in. I've fiddled with it 3-4 times, the fix is not permanent, the signal breaks up again. As I have no clue what I am doing with this or what it should look like, etc. it's time to have a pro do it.

I check IM's.

Thanks for any help.

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If all looks well, it could be that little bitty space where you can't see the wires (in between the spring contact jack side and the wall wire side) is kaput. I mean - I know the Chinese adore us and want to send over the best possible products to we Yankee Pig Dogs, but every now & then something gets manufactured right in the middle of a team-building caning session.

Maybe see what a new jack and plate looks like, and if it would lend itself to a DIY install, then chop the old wires back a 1/4 inch and see whattup?

Any retired telco installers in the hood? Your nearest "real" hardware store should know, unless it's a giant box store, then the answer could well be: "Huh?"
(With no disrepect to the many excellent giant box store employees - I just always seem to get the "Huh?" kids.)

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Former PBX installer for Lucent/Avaya here. I live in Norwich and work in New Haven. Hartford/Windsor would be a bit out of any normal path I would take. I'll take it that you don't have inside wire maintenance from AT&T (if even that is your telecom provider).
So are the wires in the wall in the cable; red, green, black, yellow? Rarely does telephone wiring go bad and it's usually due to water/moisture or rodents when it does.
Post some pictures if you can.
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West Hartford, CT
FWIW, it's normally only the red and green wires that are used, unless it's a multiline phone. I'm not a phone guy, but I have some simple equipment. If nobody else wants to do it, IM me.

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Charleston, SC
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I'd take the ride but a bit far for me now.. Only about 900 miles.