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Newport News, VA

[MoP] MoP "Currency" Situation

Hello everyone, hope Thursday is treating you well!

I recall reading about it somewhere in some one's topic, but can't seem to find it for the life of me. My buddy and I were wondering what Blizzard's plan for JP and VP in MoP is last night and couldn't find anything on it (he was on duty, I stuck in class).

If anyone could copy/paste some info on it that would be great. Keep websense in mind for you lucky ones that work at home or are less controlled.


Sarcasm is my native tongue

Wichita, KS
normally what they do is whatever vp you have when MoP goes live, is turned into JP, the JP and honor you have when MoP goes live is turned into gold at an exchange rate the Blizz determines. it's been this way since Wrath came out.

Texan and Proud
Baytown, TX
Well when Cata hit no one had VP yet (just JP)
and they allowed a soft cap of 4k (any over the 4k mark was kept but earning more wasn't allowed till under the cap)

then a bit later after people had time to get under the cap (unless they failed to listed to guildies) they did the hard Cap and any over the cap was turned to gold.

then with each raid tier all VP were converted to JP and any over the cap to gold.

There hasn't been a blue AFAIK as to which method they'll do for MoP, but I'm hoping for the temp soft cap. (I hope a Blue will come out and say, so I'll have time to sell BoE's or grind to JP cap before MoP.