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Midlothian, VA

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Re: Google Fiber

Enter the tool!

But it wont sadly. You need your whole wall (or sizable portion of it) to be a screen to be able to take advantage that high a resolution.

It's not your eyes its your viewing space and screen size (wallet) that will limit the usefulness of this technology. So that your eyes can in fact discern the details that this resolution provides.

There are currently raging discussions over what impact if any this will have on viewing content...i.e. how much is too much and does it really impact your viewing experience, can you see it? Do you want or need to see it?

8K Wont happen more so due to market reasons than anythings else the public has dropped serious dime on new HD TV's. They are not really going to drop more any time soon, after all, their last TV (most likely a tube tv) probably lasted 20+ years....

With the last mile being what it is, unless you have fiber it aint gonna happen...but hey you can have your 8K TV and upscale your bluray an be happy right?

Oh and all the big screens around London are 8K that show live events...I wonder if Jimmy Johnson will have to replace his crappy 1080p screens now in the Cowboy Stadium.